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A Little About Me and My Journey to Creating a Life I Love

Updated: 8-20-19

Hi, I am Amy. I am a mom to three awesome kids and wife to my best friend. I have a truly blessed life and wouldn’t change a thing. Even though, I would probably make wiser choices than I have in the past, but wouldn’t you too.

I have worked in the dental field since my oldest son, Ryan, who is now in the Navy – married – and had a baby,  was born. I started out as a dental assistant and loved working with my patients and learning about them. My life revolved around teeth and dentistry and knew this was a career I could carry on for many years. I loved dentistry so much that I took a huge leap of faith and went back to college as a single mom when I was 29!!

I completed my Degree in Dental Hygiene and looked forward to working less hours with better pay and still be able to be home with my son at night and on the weekends.

Then life took a crazy turn after graduation – we needed a change of scenery.  I packed Ryan and I up and moved to Georgia, not knowing a soul. Scary, right!!

I made some awesome new friends and had great co-workers who had some awesome friends too. When hanging with these awesome peeps,  I met my husband at a Super Bowl Party, you know the one where Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction.


Yeah, that one. ( Hey we all have a story to tell!)

We have been inseparable since.  Our family has grown over the years. We had 2 more kids- Erica and Ellis. These kids just amaze me how fast they grow, how passionate they are about their sports, friends and their faith.


Seven times, maybe eight, in 15 years. My poor father-in-law is tired of helping us move.  Hopefully this last one is it for a while.HA, HA.


We moved to East Tennessee, currently Knoxville. It is so pretty here, the mountains, the seasons, the sunrise.  I became a stay at home mom for a couple of years, then went back into the dental field as an admin and schedule and insurance coordinator.

I learned so much from working in the front office. I worked with social media, planned community events, and managed office systems. The dentist I worked with prided her practice with High Level Patient Experiences. We loved on our patients and made them feel like family, not just a body in a chair.

But, I missed being at home for my kids. Erica was a tween, God Bless her, and I didn’t want someone else raising my kids while I was working away and missing them growing up. I really struggled getting up in the morning and heading to a job that was starting to really frazzle my nerves, the stress became so much that I begged my husband to figure out a way for me to be home. Erica was having a heck of a time in Middle School and it was all I could think about during the day. As much as I loved dentistry- it was not my passion anymore.

So, we made a plan for me to be home by the end of that summer. No more after school drama, no more late nights of homework, no more stress of not getting the kids to practice on time because I was at work.

Funny thing is I was let go before my notice- looking back this was huge blessing in disguise. But at the time, it hurt like heck. I felt betrayed, unimportant, back stabbed, and completely disposable.

I have watched these kids grow over the last 2 years and they and their dad have been my biggest cheerleaders. I didn’t just want to be home, I had to make myself useful. I fell into Virtual Assisting on Pinterest, started my business, took courses on Marketing (the right way for Pinterest), created systems in my business and use some amazing tools to help me in my day to day.

image of kids being silly having their picture taken

If you follow me on Instagram– where I am the most- you will come to know my fav hashtag #faithfamilycareer. I am nothing without putting God first, He will provide our family with what we need, and he has provided so much for me to take this business and be an encourager of those that feel like they are stuck in that 9-5. I didn’t know online business and making a career out of blogging and pinning was an actual thing until he took me out of my comfort zone, made me squirm a bit, redirect and grow this business into what it is. My reward is in heaven, eternal life, and leaving a legacy of faith, honesty, and integrity for my kids.



Blessings to you!! I hope you stick around for some Pinterest Tips, Life Hacks, and Crazy Family Adventures!!