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WooHoo! I am so Excited!!

What’s new at Bloom. I am now offering Pinterest assistance as a new service! Pinterest is in my blood and I want to help your business grow on the hottest platform out there.

I have been on Pinterest since it first began, when you had to be invited. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t use it like it was intended to be at first. You know, I first thought we should follow others and get people to follow us as well. I had a small Etsy shop and lots of WAHM (work at home mom) friends and we all followed each other. That worked for a while, I got some sales, but then things changed.

New Pinterest services available for your business. Your business needs to be on Pinterest. Let's help you get there.

What? Tell me more!

Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is a really powerful search engine that businesses use to market their products or services.

I can go to Pinterest to find anything, and I mean ANYTHING!  Need a photographer for a wedding – Pinterest can help you. You want to start a Keto diet – Pinterest can help you. I have this old piece of wood in my garage, what can I do with it? – Pinterest can help you.

Get the picture? This very reason is why businesses need to be on Pinterest!

As a creative, crafter, soloprenur, coach, or another small business owner, we are told we need to be seen on Google. Yes, that is true, but if I was planning a wedding, I would go to Pinterest and look at all the pretty things and super duper ideas for all of it. Then I would create a board and save all those pretty things. I would then, click through to the websites to read up on the details.

Website views increase = sales increase = Yay!!

Break it Down

The goal is to get click-thrus to your website. Click-thrus are more important than re-pins. A re-pin is just where someone has pinned one of your pins to their boards.

When you write a new blog post, you want to create an image you can pin. It should be big bold and bright. You want to catch the pinners eye.

Image tip: Pins perform better when the Text is solving a problem. An example, “5 must-haves for your wedding day!”

Descriptions are important. All pins must have a description to rank well in Pinterest search.

Then save your pin, you want to save it to YOUR business board. You should have your main board as your business. Mine is Bloom Virtual Solutions, Amy Ford, Virtual Support. This is where all of YOUR content will be. You can pin your content to more than one board, to gain more exposure, but you want your traffic to be coming from your content.

80% of the content on your Pinterest page should be YOUR content and about 20% similar content.

Frequency is very important. Since this is not a social media platform, the more you pin the more you show up in searches. Minimum pins per day are 11,  30+ is ideal.  Now no one has time to sit and manually create content, pin images, and search for similar content all day long. This is why I use Tailwind to schedule my pins.

Scheduling Pins

Tailwind is great for scheduling pins in advance. It will give suggestions as to what time to pin, or you can add more times if you would like, to increase the amount of daily pins. I can take an hour a week and schedule all the pins I need and move on with my business.

Ideally you will want to pin your own content organically and not through a scheduler.  Pinterst likes a bit of both.

Ready to Get Started

Get going and grow on Pinterest. Here are some simple steps to get you going:

  • Set up your Pinterest Account, if you have one, change over to a business account. This will let you see your analytics.
  • Make an awesome profile. You want to use keyword rich sentences and list your website.
  • Create 8-10 boards, with one main board being your own content from your website/blog.
  • Follow influencers in your niche.
  • Join group boards
  • Create a Tailwind account, so you can schedule your content and repins to save you time.
  • Set up a scheduling calendar, Tailwind tells you the optimum times to post.

This should get you going on Pinterest. If you want to dig deeper grab my Get Started On Pinterest Checklist.

So, are you ready to do it for your business, or are you still overwhelmed by the thought of it all. I can help with account creation, and scheduling pins and content. I would love to help your business grow. My Pinterest assistance packages start at $400 and can be customized to fit your needs!!

Leave a comment below or schedule a discovery call with me. I can’t wait to see YOU on Pinterest!