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Goodbye February, Hello March!

Hello March! I can’t believe it is already March. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring. Our flowers and trees are a bit confused around here in East Tennessee. We had a very mild winter and more Rain than I would like to remember.

We have had a ton of great stuff going on in the Ford household recently, and I just wanted to share some of that with you. So this post will not be real business-y today.

If you follow me on Instagram and my stories, you know that Gymnastics Meet Season has begun. My daughter competes on Xcel Gold level this year and these girls are amazing to watch. We didn’t know how well she would do this season due to an injury to her knee last July. Let me tell you Bone Bruises take FOREVER TO HEAL!! She has come back stronger and more determined to GET IT DONE!

Beam- The very thing she injured herself on, she came in first at her last meet. She just amazes me!!

We actually get to travel to Chattanooga this week to do it all over again. We love our gym family and if you have ever thought about your child trying gymnastics, let them do it. I admit it is an investment but the discipline is worth its weight in gold. The relationships we have grown out of all of this is, to me, the best part.

Spring brings new life!

We welcomed another boy into the family(pic is not my nephew)! My sister had her baby last week, she never finds out the sex and likes the element of surprise. IT’S a BOY!! Zachary Campbell. and we are super excited to meet him. The kids and I will travel down to Florida in a couple weeks. I am definitely getting some sweet baby photos of him. I will have to brush up on my lighting skills for photography. I can’t wait to get all the kids together, we just do not get to visit as much as we would like to. That’s a big drive from TN to FL.

In Other News

I am just thankful for all the support I have received with me starting my business. It has really come to a place that I feel blessed and enjoy getting up and helping my clients. (I know I said I wasn’t gonna be business-y, but hey it’s who I am) I believe we all have our place and direction in this world and I feel like I have found mine. I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, creating, supporting, and seeing your businesses bloom and grow.

In the office 9-5 realm, I would never be able to be around for sick kids, soccer practice, friend sleepovers, making dinner, and having some me time. I was always exhausted, now I have learned that I only have so many hours in the day and I feel balanced. I knew God had big plans when I left my job outside of the home, and He has really shown me how to trust, have faith, and be patient because it is all in the right time.

I really want to focus on my purpose,  what is my place in all this. Who can I support and encourage? I want to show my children how kindness and faith will lead you to the path God has chosen for you. I want to walk that path, though not always what we have planned. I am learning every day, what that is and continue to grow.

I hope you continue to follow me here and on social media. Let me know if I can encourage or support you in any way.

Let’s have a beautiful March. The sun always shines brighter after the rain.

God Bless.

Wanted to share some things about what is going on in March