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Sideline Coaching

If you have been to any ball field, swim meet, or gymnasium for youth sports, you know Exactly what I am talking about!! Spectators yelling and shouting at the kids to do this, or go here, or don’t you want to win. This is a sideline coach!

Honestly, I do it too. We all can, but think about how this affects the players. They know the best thing to do is listen to coach, who sees the bigger picture, but then they doubt what coach has taught them when our voices interfere.

Over the weekend I observed and probably contributed to this event, and I thought about my business and how this can be so similar.  Team sports are like businesses, multiple players, coaches, clients, we all work together to achieve the goal.

The Team

We may be a solopreneur, have subcontractors, or many clients that we manage and take care of. Like a sports team, we need to talk and communicate our next steps or ask for help or share our thoughts. We are knowledgeable in our skills and through communication, we know how to handle what comes next, how to “pass the ball”, when to meet deadlines or “where to be to make the goal”.

We need to celebrate the wins and learn from our mistakes or losses. So, we can grow an efficient business and be unstoppable.

The Coach

This can be anyone or anything that has taught us the skills we know and use in our businesses. It may be a mentor, a business coach, a biz bestie, or just a friend who is out there working it like you!!

When you have a question or learning a new skill, your “coach” can direct you to the goal, suggest skills and how to implement them into your everyday business. They can encourage you to practice, practice, practice. No one can do all the things, so a mentor can help you in perfecting the skills and talents you are a rock star at!!


The Spectators

They sit on the sidelines watching you do your thing. You are working strongly with your team and mastering skills and communicating like a pro. Some cheer you on and give you 100% support, but then there is always one that will make you doubt what you are doing and tell you “you’re wrong” or “this is what you should do”.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT let them get into your head. Have the faith to stand strong, because you do know what to do. Do not let the fear and doubt overcome you, there is a phrase “imposter syndrome” (great article) and it occurs when we take our eyes off the goal and let these sideline coaches open up our fears.


Simple Things to Remember

To overcome self-doubt and get rid of the little voice in your head that says you can’t. Here are some things to remember.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice your skills.
  • Communicate with your clients and peers. Ask for advice when you need it.
  • Celebrate the wins. There will be many so share that with your team or bestie group.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Yes they happen, we are all human working in a technology world (like sending an email to the wrong recipient and you can’t get it back!!- do not ask 🙂
  • Work together to achieve one goal. Have faith over your fear!!

Whether you are a virtual assistant, solopreneur, or creative,  I wish all you success in your businesses. Overcome doubt and remember to “Make your faith bigger than your fears and your dreams bigger than your doubts” – Robin Sharma

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