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Pinterest, not being a social media platform, but a visual search engine. It is so important to have images that are eye-catching and make the Pinner want to click through and read more about what that pin is about.

With over 62 Million People coming to Pinterest to search, plan, shop and purchase, you need to have Awesome Pins to draw in your audience. If you are just starting out sometimes it can be overwhelming to know exactly how to optimize those images. You want to follow a few simple steps to create the perfect pin and draw in your audience and increase traffic to your site. So, grab a pen, take some notes, even better Pin this for later to refer back too.

I will walk you step by step in a short video tutorial on how to create a Pin in Canva. But hey don’t scroll down yet!!! Let’s chat about some image basics first.

#1 Basic Image Tips

You want to have unique images. You know what I mean, when searching through Pinterest and the same stock photo pops up for several pins, but from different pinners. Stock photos are great but you want to think outside the box with them. I usually use Unsplash to find images, but I look for one that I can create more than one pin with. This is an example:

Full Image, from Stock Photo

Then when using it to create a pin I can crop it into 2 images to use for pins.



You want to have clear images, that’s why stock photos are so great. Cell phone pics may or may not be your best bet. You can take your own photos, say for a flat lay of some office supplies with a white background. Honestly, I don’t have the time for that. Another great site for images are sites like Creative Market. You can find awesome clear photos for just about anything and you can even find Pinterest Templates too. So,  all you have to do it edit the text and colors for branding.

They need to be eye catching. Ok, I know your saying, what does that really mean. Do some research on Pinterest, search what you feel your ideal client would be searching for and look at the pins that pop up. What catches your eye and makes you want to click? What do you scroll right past?  You can always create a secret board of pins you love and pin some inspiration.

The ratio size of the Pin is very important. Just this year Pinterest best practices state a 2:3 ratio, which is 600 x 900 Pixels. Canva has a template size 732×1102, which is the 2:3 ratio. I like the 600×900. I feel it just shows better on mobile and in the feed.

If your pins are not getting clicks, check your images. Are they clear? Are they unique? Are they too long, short? Are they easy to see on mobile? Most Pinterest searchers are on a mobile device so you want to make sure you know what that image will look like on your phone or tablet.

#2 Catchy Headlines

You want the reader to be drawn in and want to learn more what the pin is about. HOW TO’s  and #_ things to do or NOT do are High clicking types of headlines.

#3 Clear to Read Text

Most Pinterest viewers are on a mobile device, so I reccommend any text size over 36 will be readable depending on the font. If you are making an image, always double check how it looks on mobile before posting. Just send it to your phone or you can share in the Canva app.

#4 – On Brand Colors

Now, this can be debatable, because as my branding is super light and airy, it does not stand out and POP at you on Pinterest. What I do is, make pins similar in style and color so if one was to look at my pins they would have a cohesive look to them. You can create templates to use in Canva to save and switch out images and text to match your new blog posts.

#5 Add Your Logo

You want the reader to know who you are, and a logo in the corner, or your website address on the bottom center is a great way to make sure those pins are yours. Also, not to be the debbie downer, but Pins can be stolen…knock wood… and redirected to another url. Yes, images can be cropped as well. But this is a whole other subject, and hopefully not ever an issue.

#6 Add Your Freebie

If you have a small image of the freebie opt=in you are offering in your post, and you have space to place it on the image. DO IT!! That way the viewer can see what it is before they click and they will click over and grab it!!

Here is an example with the freebie attached.

pink image with computer and flowers with text overlay how to set up your business on pinterest.

Wrapping IT UP!!

Wow!! That seems like a lot of steps but really once you make a pin once or twice it is super easy breezy. Here is a helpful video I made to see how easy it is. I show you how to create a pin from start to finish in Canva. Have a look and I hope this helps you visualize how simple and fun it can be!!




Now go try it for yourself. To help you with a few key things for optimizing those images for Pinterest make sure to check out this post with the Checklist for Images for Pinterest

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laptop image with text overlay using canva to create pinterest images

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