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Hey thanks for stopping in! As a fairly new online entrepreneur I never new the whole, What’s your word, thing existed till last November. When you spend years in the traditional 9-5 you just look forward to Christmas Bonuses and yearly 25 cent raises!! Being in the online space and creating a business you love can be amazingly eye opening to things you never knew were a thing.



Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, which you know how those go, choosing one word to focus and refer back to daily can keep you on the path all year. Plus, it will save you money from that gym membership your not going to use after January 15th!

Let’s recap last years word first. FOCUS was my word for 2018. I choose that word because I knew It was going to take all I had to learn and create a business from scratch in a world so new to me. Knowing my personality, I can have serious squirrel moments and be distracted easily.

I had an amazing first year. I dove in head first with trying to learn all the things and stay organized. I found my systems and tools that I love. I took some courses, and stumbled upon some amazing influencers to keep me motivated and focused on building my business.

I am working with some awesome clients and I really enjoy watching them grow and thrive as well. I had no idea this business would boom like it has. I told someone just yesterday that God puts you where you need to be, you may not agree with how He gets you there, but He always has your back.

You can read my journey here.





I am writing this on my last working day or 2018. I am truly blessed to be able to take time away from my business to be completly present with my family this year. With the help of scheduling tools like Tailwind and Planoly, and Facebook, my clients are taken care of hands-free.

When I started praying about what I wanted to do in 2019 for Bloom Virtual Solutions, I just felt that God was pushing me to Grow this thing. I have this platform to help others in there businesses and to give all the glory to Him.  I dug a bit deeper to find exaclty what I needed to grow in. Grow in Faith, in Knowledge, and Love.

As you know, my faith is first and foremost and I do not spend enough time in the Word and giving my day to God and let him direct me like I should. Goal #1… Grow in faith.

As a business owner, there is so much information online to teach you how to do all the things and I will never be able to know them all. I love learning and have chosen courses and books to read and keep my brain, workflows, and business in growth mode. I will be growing my team to help Bloom scale into the business I see by the end of 2019. Goal #2… Grow in Knowledge.

Finally,  I know this world can be a harsh place and the comparison trap can suck you in. I want to lift others up and become a positive influence to those around me. I want my children to know that becuase God loves us, we must love others. He loves the broken, the lost, the wealthy and the poor. If I do not have love, then all I do is in vain. Goal #3…Grow in Love.



Do you have a word for 2019? How did you decide on that word? Tell me in the comments, it is always interesting and inspiring to hear what you have chosen.

Do you want to know more about “My One Word”? There are books and resiurces online to help guide you through.  Check out this Google Play book... or also this link ... to learn more.

Thank you for your support this year and looking forward to an exciting 2019!!


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