How to Navigate Pinterest’s Online Analytics

  1. Kim says:

    Would you know why my Pinterest Analytics has been going down since I changed my domain name for my blog? I claimed my new site but my home page monthly viewers and monthly engaged continues to drop. Thanks for any input you can provide.

    • afordbvs says:

      Hi Kim,
      Thanks for reading!! Yes, the analytics in Pinterest seem to be all over the place lately. They go through updates regularly and that tends to happen. A couple things, check your Google analytics for precise traffic and sessions to your site. Monthly viewers on Pinterest is just a vanity # and can fluctuate daily! I see that you are a recipe blogger, so make sure your pins are leading to the recipe page and not just your home page.
      Just keep being consistent in your pinning, it will ebb and flow over time but consistency, keywords, and clickable images are KEY to Pinterest! I hope this helped.

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