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Editing a Pin on Pinterest?

Hey there!! I am back again this week with a quick video for those that are struggling to create images for Pinterest. Pinterest has a new feature(2019), when you create a new Pin on the desktop only, you can add an image like before, but now you can edit that image and add to it with text and your logo!!

UPDATE: 2021- You can no longer add text to the image, but you can crop and add a logo. Idea Pins are great for adding text, music and so much more. You can create Idea Pins on desktop, but if you want extra features, use their app on mobile for tagging products, music, and other accounts for collaboration. Want to learn more about Idea Pins, make sure to listen to our Podcast.

Check out this walk-thru of the new feature:



This feature is super simple for those who want an easy way to make a Pin image. A great way for those just starting out on Pinterest and have no idea what Canva or Photoshop is, or have the time to learn.  This will be a perfect starting point. You can find wonderful stock images to use that are relevant to your posts on sites like Unsplash, Creative Market, and I love Ivory Mix for her amazing stock and flat lay images.


I personally use Canva, but I know when I started creating Pins a few years ago, it can be intimidating to learn something new and make it look good enough to pin.


  • Multiple Basic Font Options
  • Graphics are clear
  • Already Pinterest optimized in size
  • Can add logo
  • Easy to use
  • 1:1 ratio for Video Pins


  • Limited to just one group of text
  • Cannot change the text to multiple colors
  • Cannot adjust transparency
  • Limited to where logo and text can be placed
  • Not for an advanced Pinner/Blogger

If you are looking to create Amazing Pins for Pinterest, I suggest Canva. It will give you more options, it is easy to use, and you can even schedule them direct to Pinterest with Canva Pro.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you are a beginning blogger and have more questions about how to get started on Pinterest, grab my “Get Started on Pinterest Guide” when you subscribe to my newsletter.

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how to create and edit a pin on Pinterest