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I am in LOVE Dear Friends!!

We hear it all the time that we need to have an email list. I knew I needed to start marketing to my audience and grow my list and honestly- I tried with Mailchimp for almost 2 years and I just couldn’t grasp what I needed to do. I just didn’t love the layout of the platform and I didn’t have a list to sneeze at to even think about upgrading to a paid plan.


Because of that, my email list was near non-existent…then Flodesk came into my world!!

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One day a was checking my inbox and a fellow creative business owner sent me the most beautiful newsletter email I had ever seen. It was pleasing to the eye, had a light and airy feel, and it was friendly.

I immediately sent her a message back and told her how amazing her email looked and flowed. I was hooked!!

I had been dreading working in one of those other platforms ( something with a monkey??),  I just couldn’t get it to look just the way I wanted to, but it was on my big monthly goal in August to start growing that list. My business is growing and I have big plans. So, after 2 years in business…it’s time to “you know” or get off the pot!!




The Co-Founders, Martha Bitar, and Rebecca Shostak, set out to creat an email marketing platform for creative business owners who have been struggling to utilize email marketing in their business. They wanted to meet the pain points of creatives and make it easy, beautiful design and copy, and also high converting because that is what email marketing is all about. Giving their audience an email they want to open and click-thru to learn more!!

They have created a viable platform over the last year and are still in beta currently, but they are adding new features all the time. They listen to their client’s feedback and implement changes almost daily. There is a very interactive Facebook group where other Flodeskers ask for help and the community is right there for support. They are soon to roll out Zapier integration – which will take them, I believe, over the top in the best email marketing platform available today!

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Use Code BLOOMAMY1 for 50% your subscription for life!!


I am a visual person and just love light and airy photos. I am creative at heart, with a touch of OCD. So the simple, yet beautiful design of Flodesk appealed to me right away. I started with their #UpYourEmailGame challenge and created a welcome sequence in just one day.

When you create your account you will upload your logo and brand colors (which was a new feature the week I signed up), so when creating a new email on the platform it will auto-populate your logo at the top. Easy Click and Drag design can enlarge your logo to the desired size in each template. You cannot upload your own fonts, but they have such a wide selection of fonts available to use, and the ladies have done their research in what specialty fonts do best in an email and there are so many to choose from that you should be able to match closely to your own.

You can create Emails, Opt-in forms, and Workflows in Flodesk. Each asset has the capability to show off your brand, style, and voice. The click and drag option is perfect for aligning your content to be visually pleasing. It has a hover and (+) click to add a layout feature to utilize space dividers, line breaks, and even add your Instagram feed which adds to the awesomeness of this system.

The video below will show how I created a simple yet beautiful email opt-in form in Flodesk using one of their already designed templates, just switch out text, photos, and copy to create your own design easily



There are so many reasons I just love Flodesk. I have completely converted my list to it and shut down my other account. If I was going to have pay to use a system, this is where I want to spend my money.

There are so many beautiful templates to use and edit. The customer support is TOP NOTCH. Easy drop and drag features, but the best part…my open rates are through the roof. I have not had one email go to spam or Promotions, that’s a WIN WIN for me!!

COST: If you sign up while they are still in beta, it is $19 a month(for life), first month free to try it out. Hop in their Facebook group – Flodesk Insiders to get help from others and Martha and Rebecca do respond to your posts when they can…so helpful!

Click that big pink button up on this page and discover Flodesk for yourself.

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