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Hey, Hey friends! As you know, (because I talk about it all the time) Pinterest is the place to be to if you are looking to market your business and increase traffic to your website or online shop! Some of you may be hesitant to start using Pinterest, due to time constraints. Maybe it seems all too overwhelming and confusing to use Pinterest and actually do it right to reach your goals. When you schedule pins with Tailwind, you save time and sanity because they make it so easy.

I hear you, and I am here to help! It’s so funny that I tell my clients all the time, my own Pinterest account tends to suffer because I make sure my clients are taken care of first so they can reach their goals. “Hey, don’t look at my Pinterest account – my numbers are weak.” I know, as a Pinterest Strategist I need to take the time to stay consistent on the platform.

Here I am preaching that the 3 pillars of Pinterest are – Keywords, Images, and Consistency and I was completely failing when it came to my own account.

I am going to just swallow my pride and show you how easy it can be to just take 1 hour a week to schedule your Pins in a few different ways by using Tailwind, an API approved app for Pinterest scheduling.

I have been blocking my time over the past few months to grow my Pinterest account “Practicing what I preach”

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an app that lets you schedule several pins a day at the best times on auto-pilot. It is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer so you know your account is safe and secure and they are required to follow all the rules of Pinterest.

It is an easy tool to use with an extension you will add to your browser. The Tailwind extension is the fastest, easiest way to schedule your pins. When you sign up for a Tailwind account on the main scheduling page you will see a button at the top – I use Firefox, that button will guide you through installing the extension.

then you will see a blue logo in your toolbar like below:


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3 Ways to Schedule Pins through Tailwind

There are 3 different ways to schedule your Pins: using the extension, the hover button, and direct upload.

To use the extension, say you are on Pinterest and in your smart feed or following feed you want to share those pins to some of your boards, just click the blue logo button and then click to choose which images/pins you want to schedule. Your screen will do this:image of several pins from pinterest using the tailwind extension

I chose 3 pins and they are at the bottom left, then click go schedule, this will then populate the draft window:

3 pins in the draft window of tailwind

UPDATE: When using the Tailwind Extension to pull pins into drafts, you cannot change the title’s or descriptions. This is as of May 2021. This is to protect the owners content, and ultimately your content. If someone was to repin/share your pins you wouldn’t want them changing things, right?!

Here, you can fill in which board or boards to schedule them too. If more than one board, you can interval those. I will show you that step later in this post.

Then hit that big green button and they will be put in your queue…easy peasy, right?

**side note, I do not usually schedule pins with no description, so I would just delete those 2 on the right. Sometimes the descriptions do not pull in when scheduling this way. No, biggie, just go back a choose a few more.

The Hover Button

image of laptop with text overlay email marketingThe second way to schedule is with the hover button. Because you have the extension installed any image on the internet (from your blog or Instagram) can be scheduled directly to Tailwind. When you want to pin your latest blog post just hover over the image in the post and a gray schedule button will appear in the lower-left corner, click that again it will bring up the draft window, edit/add title, descriptions, hashtags (if you use them) and choose board/boards. Interval and click the green schedule button. Bingo, Bango, in the queue!!

As I said, you can do this on Instagram as well if you would like to pin some of your IG content. Click the image in your feed you would like to pin, hover, click the schedule button, go to draft…edit/add, choose boards, interval, and schedule.

We now have scheduled several pins at one time and in just a matter of a few minutes you have your queue full and congrats you are being consistent on Pinterest, but let me show you how to use the direct upload on Tailwind to schedule several images at one time.


This is a great way to get all your pins that have the same URL to a blog post up at one time. When creating new content to Pin, I suggest you make 3 graphics per blog post, an animated or video pin. (You can do that in Canva, easily) that way you have fresh content for Pinterest to show to your audience instead of pinning the same image over and over again. (Let’s not be Spammy Pammy!!)


Direct Uploadcreate new pin on tailwind

On the main schedule screen at the top of your schedule queue, you will see the create a new pin. This will let you upload images/videos, or pin from Instagram (if you use Tailwind for your IG account and it is connected). For this let’s click upload images. Go to where your images are stored, choose multiple if you would like and click open. These images will populate on the drafts page. Here is where you need to be careful with editing.

Go through your steps…choose boards. The Title will auto-populate as Home- website, because Tailwind will default your URL to your home page. You will need to change the Title ( this is a new feature out this week on Tailwind). You will have to add your keyworded descriptions and hashtags.



tailwind pin url


Next and the most important step…Change the URL to go to the post related to the image. If you do not change it your pin will lead to your home page!!


Here is where we can chat about Intervals. If you choose more than one board. There will be a button left to the add to queue button. Here you can choose how many days between that pin will go to the next board on the list in the draft. If you choose 4 boards, it will schedule the first board, then next, and so on.

I recommend spacing those pins out 20-30 days apart. Since Pinterest has said, in early 2021, try to reduce the number of repins on your content.

There is a slider and you select how far apart you want the interval. Then set an interval, and the green button will say schedule. There it is!! If you look at your queue you will see those pins with a lock on the set times you requested.


If you are just getting started with Pinterest for your business, or have been using it for a while. I have an amazing guide to optimize your Pinterest account so you can Pin for Success and start driving traffic that will continue months and years to come.





  • We learned what Tailwind is.
  • How to schedule Pins 3 different ways
  • Learned how to Interval pins to multiple boards

Can you tell I love using Tailwind? I know…long post, but I hope it helps you save time in your Pinterest marketing. Pinterest doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming. With Tailwind you can spend about 30 min or so scheduling pins for the next several days and weeks, and it keeps you showing up for your audience.

You can get your first 100 pins for free with my Tailwind referral, and then it is just $15/ month which is a huge value when it comes to saving time and you are just not ready to have a Pinterest VA handle your account.

If you need assistance in creating your Tailwind account, a Pinterest Audit or Monthly Scheduling Services. Please contact me or check out our services page.


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