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Let’s Talk Pinterest Analytics

[UPDATED for 2020]

what numbers are important on pinterest

There has been a lot of chatter in the Pinterest realm lately about “My numbers are dropping!! Help!!” I want to help you understand your numbers in Pinterest Analytics and which ones you really need to focus on, what they represent and guide you to create a strategy that works for your business.

First and foremost…I will say that not all businesses work the same on Pinterest. Some bloggers and creators have seasonal content and do better some months than others. Even evergreen content (ha, I didn’t even know that is what “anytime” content meant until I began my Pinterest Marketing business) can fluctuate depending on the time of year!

Usually, best practice for pinning content is to start pinning about 45 days before the season/event. But as of recently, it seems it gets earlier and earlier for those seasons.

You know what I mean, Christmas pins were starting in Sept!! We hadn’t even begun planning our Halloween costumes and here come the Holiday/Christmas/Black Friday pins.

I want to break this down for Seasonal and Evergreen content first, then we can dive into what the numbers mean.




This is the content that can be pinned all year round. Say you are a business or marketing coach…you don’t have a season, per se. You may get a bit of a spike in the new year, due to resolutions but overall these are topics that drive traffic most of the year.

You want to always be creating fresh content for Pinterest. Are you blogging consistently? If you are blogging once a week, bi-weekly or even once a month you CAN stay consistent in your pinning. Create multiple images to pin and spread those until your next product or post is ready to publish.

Pinterest does say that summer can be slower traffic times, due to vacations or just not being on their phones all the time.

Did you know that 90% of pinners use mobile to search for ideas? So create pins that can be seen on mobile clearly!

A great way to place your best evergreen content consistently is using the SmartLoop feature in Tailwind. This can help recirculate your best pins to several boards, group boards, and space them out so as not to be spammy. You can learn more about Tailwind (the only approved Pinterest scheduler I use and require for my clients) here and here.


Here is where as a creative business owner your numbers can go up and down drastically. There is the holiday season…Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, and all those special holidays at the end of the year. If you create Holiday content you want to start pinning in October. Same goes with wedding niche businesses, engagement season is about the same time. New Years’, Valentine’s day, and can be all year round as well.

If you write about DIY crafting for kids, summer may be a seasonal time for you. Start pinning those in April. Maybe back to school, spring crafts, winter crafts, start pinning 60 days before the event.

Travel has seasons as well. Pinners can start to plan vacations for summer or holiday travel up to 6 months in advance. They plan,

save pins, and may go back to them later. So in the off travel times of the year, your numbers are going to fluctuate.

Again this is a great way to use SmartLoop in Tailwind. You can set the dates when you want a Seasonal Loop to start and end.  I suggest reviewing those Pins in the loops and edit descriptions and hashtags to keep them fresh every year.



Recently numbers have changed on Pinterest, it is an ever-evolving platform and that “monthly viewers” number that I KNOW you are looking at has changed over the last year. So, why is it dropping…that particular number fluctuates daily. THIS IS A Vanity number..this goes up and down all the time. If you have a pin that is doing well it will increase. If someone repinned your pin and that one takes off your numbers go up. The second it stops…that number comes back down.

Please, please, please, stop worrying and stressing about this viewer number. Honestly, it’s similar to likes on IG, it can be a comparison number and really mess with your focus…I wish this number would go away. It would save you all some stress…am I right?!


One number I do look at for my clients in Pinterest Analytics are Impressions, which means that their pins are actually getting eyes on the Pin in the feed. If your pins are in a feed and someone scrolls past it counts as an impression and all those eyeballs on all your pins totals this number monthly.

DO NOT FOCUS ON THIS NUMBER!!! This also goes up and down. Lately some have seen a significant drop in impressions, there is no right answer why this is happening. Some say a filter for spam and they are mistakenly tagged in it. We really don’t know, my suggestion…just keep doing what you are doing and it will recover.

With that being said, If you are getting more impressions than clicks/saves we need to look at your images.

Are they attracting your ideal client? Do they give too much info away, so the viewer doesn’t even need to click thru to discover the content? What is that saying…don’t give the milk for free. Make them want to read more, draw them in.


Check out these posts for tips on images, Canva, and Image SEO.


IMPORTANT NUMBER!! This means a pinner saved your pin to one of their boards or group boards. This is when this can take off. In analytics, there is an option to filter to Your pins or Others Pins.

Your pins are the ones you pin to your boards. Other pins are those that have been

pinned to a board by someone else. Then this opens up this pin to be viewed in their feed and by their followers, and here’s hoping more repins and more impressions, views, and clicks.

Saves means your audience likes the content and may return to it later, buy the product, read the blog post, or book a call. I know I like to search for recipes or decor ideas and come back to them later. This is something to track and look back to see month to month. Some months may have more saves, some may have more clicks. Are they saving in a certain season and then clicking later on? These are things I love to dive into, the mysteries of Pinterest Analytics!!

This is also something you can create a strategy for, if you have pins people are repinning, create more content like it. Create new images to that post, change up the description, or even write a new post about more of that subject matter.


This is probs the most important number-considering your goals of Pinterest Marketing. If your goal is to drive traffic…this is the number you want to increase over time. The more clicks the more chances you have of making the sale, booking a call, getting a comment on a blog post, or getting a new email subscriber!!

You can totally harness that traffic. You got them there to read what you have to say. Offer them a freebie, a coupon code, a free discovery call, and get them on your email list. Using Pinterest in this manner to grow your business is a win-win. Offer valuable content reaching the reader’s pain points. Give them a freebie opt-in and warm them up on your email list with tips and consistent communication. People buy from those they trust and can relate to.

A simple way to look at this flow:

  • Sees your awesome pin and saves it to a board (to read later), or clicks on it to read more.
  • Sees that you offer a valuable freebie, signs up for your email list.
  • Deliver the freebie immediately and get them in your email sequence.
  • Offer weekly/biweekly/monthly tips and treats from your newsletter
  • They follow you on IG and FB, etc. Reach out to you for help when they need it.
  • Get them on a call (if you’re a service provider)
  • Offer a coupon code or first access to great products before they hit the market (product sellers)
  • Growing you business!!

This pattern needs to be repeated with every fresh pin you create. Not all pins will take off or drive traffic, but as a strategy you need to think of the final goal.



If you use Tailwind, it has some numbers that are helpful as well. When looking at growth, I do track follower numbers. Pinterest is not social media and having 100 followers vs. 1000 followers doesn’t really mean anything. But it is a number to track over time.

I also like to look at numbers of Pins pinned, to measure, how I am doing in creating consistent content year over year. Repins/which are saves are also traceable on Tailwind.

Top Pins are easily seen in Tailwind, up to the last 30 days. Under profile performance, you can see the most clicked and the most saved pins, and you can narrow it down to just your pins or other pins you have scheduled.


Now when looking at your Pinterest analytics page, there’s a lot of info on there, but these 3 main categories are what I look at, Impressions, Saves, and Clicks. If you wanted to filter by Click rate and Save rate, that is something to look at over time as well. Again, numbers fluctuate daily on the platform, but over time with a proper strategy to reach your Pinterest Marketing goals you have to look at the numbers. I have an awesome Tracker I use for my clients and would love to pass it on to you!!

The end of year totals are already formatted, and the saves and clicks rate are formatted for overall average as well. Just start plugging in your numbers from Pinterest and Tailwind. You can enter last month’s stats and move forward from there. Sign up below, and in exchange for your email address, I will send you My Pinterest Analytics Tracker and hop on my VIP list so you can keep up to date with Pinterest Tips and News I as get them.

If you have questions about Pinterest or need a second set of eyes on your account? Let’s hop on a Complimentary Call and see how I can help in your Pinterest Marketing with Bloom’s Pinterest Services, or Pinterest Audit and Strategy Sessions.