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5 Quick Tips for Tailwind Communities

Update: Tailwind Communities are formally known as Tailwind Tribes, so the content has been edited to fit the new name.

Tailwind! As you may or may not know, Tailwind is a great way to save time when using Pinterest for marketing your business. You can schedule multiple pins per day to go to multiple boards and increase your reach that each pin will get. It also is a great time saver from having to pin manually, and Tailwind also knows the best times to pin so your audience will see it.

But, there may be an aspect of Tailwind you may not be using. Tailwind has a section called Tribes, which are like what Group Boards are on Pinterest, but they are so much more powerful if you use them regularly. They are free to use, and anyone can pin to them. They are a great booster to your current marketing plan. Here are my 5 Quick Tips for using Tailwind Tribes.

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.

Tip #1 – Use all 5 Communities available to you

When you sign up for Tailwind, you are given a free trial to use for your first 100 pins, but you HAVE access to the Community feature immediately. After your free trial, they are still free for 5 communities. You can Power up with more, but if you’re just starting out, 5 will be sufficient.

You want to find communities that are in your niche. Find 5 keywords of topics you write about, or you can pick 2 or 3 topics and choose more than one in that category

tailwind tribes search screen

Tailwind will give some suggested categories and you can choose from those or type in your own. A list will populate with several communities you may be interested in, but how do you choose a good one?


Tip #2: Choose a Community that you can benefit from

A list will populate with communities available to join. Some you can join immediately and some you have to request. You want to look at a few things when choosing a community.

tailwind tribes search results

You want to look at how many members, and the activity. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers has over 1,000 members, but the activity is about mid-range. BossLady Experts has fewer members, but high activity – which means those members are busy sharing pins from this tribe.

I would suggest Previewing the community, and it will show you the last 10 pins, but you can see the pin/share/repin ratios in the preview which will help determine if this is a good one to join.

What is the difference in “Join Now” community vs. “Request to Join“? In my opinion, some of the communities that you need to request may have better ratios than those that are immediately available. Then again I am in “Join Now” Communities and they are great about sharing. I guess it’s really 50/50, you will have to monitor your stats to see how they do, but that is tip #5…so keep reading!


Tip #3: Follow the Reshare Rules and Reshare Quality Pins

Each community will have rules they want you to follow. For every pin you add to a tribe you need to reshare, some are 1:1, some can be 1:2. Just check the rules and make sure to follow ( I love my rule followers). You can keep track of how many you add vs. how many you have shared by looking at the left column in the tribe.

tailwind tribe share counts

The gray number is the amount you have added and the green number is for how many you have shared.

That Red number to the left is how many of your pins were shared by your Tribemates.

If someone shares your pin, thank them. You can send messages in the tribes when you look at your pins in the tribe. It will show which members shared your pin when you hover over the number.


You want to reshare quality pins from the tribes. Those pins will have a title, a good description, and a quality pin image. You can click through to make sure the pin leads to what the images says it is, and not spam or a stolen pin.

** Yes stolen pins are a thing and you can read more about them in this post – Who stole my Pin? 

There are also these little blue flames in the corner of Pins and they represent how many times that URL has been shared on Pinterest. I usually choose a pin that has a higher blue flame number, BUT there are also great pins to share that may be awesome new content that your audience needs to see.

images of pins in tailwind tribes


Tip #4: Say Thank you to those who share

I love seeing that little red number go higher and higher. Sharing is caring, people, and we need to use our manners and say “THANKS”. Hop into the “your pins” tab once a week/month and find out who is sharing your content and just say thank you. This can get time consuming and I really don’t expect everyone to say thanks when I share their pin, but it’s nice to see every once in a while. Community over competition, it is called a Tribe for a reason.

You can also see who is sharing your pins in the Insights section of the Communities tab as well. Tribe highlights will show you your stats over the last 7 days but Community Activity will let you know how these communities are working for you over time. Which leads us to our last quick tip…


Tip #5: Monitor your Community stats

tailwind tribes statistics

Every 3 months or so, depending on how often you add pins to communities, check on your stats. Are there reshares happening, is the reach acceptable to you? Compare how many pins you have shared to a community vs. the reshares. This is going to tell you if that community is benefiting your marketing efforts.

That little blue box up there says it all, Small communities can mean highly-engaged Community Members, so if the bigger Communities are not working, it’s OK to leave and search for a new one.

You can also create your own Community. You have awesome content to share and there is no limit on how many communities of your own you can create. Set some rules, invite others in, and get collaborating!!


I hope these 5 quick tips for Tailwind communities have been helpful. If you have been hearing about them but aren’t using them, give them a try. Share your new and best content, reshare others, say thanks, monitor for success and create a community of your own!

I think you will see that Tailwind Communities will boost your Pinterest efforts for free, even if you have a small following!!