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Should You Use Hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags have been a part of Pinterest descriptions since 2017. It is now 2020 and as we know, Pinterest is constantly changing, things come and go…remember the First Five!!…so let’s dive into Hashtags on Pinterest, and do we still need to utilize them?

UPDATE July 2021 – Hashtags are no longer best practice. And eventhough we still see hashtags in pin descriptions, they should not be used. Pinterest has said that it is a way for spammers to steal content and you can get flagged as spam and have your pins removed if you use them. 

NO MORE HASHTAGS as of 2021 on Pinterest


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Hashtag Facts

They are searchable and clickable. If you go to a Pin you like and scroll to the description, they will show up as blue text and you can click and it will populate pins in the feed that have that hashtag.


They are not like Instagram hashtags that can be like, #notmybestlook, or #seriously. No, hashtags are another way to utilize keywords for your pins to be searchable and reach your ideal audience. Pinterest is a search engine and keywords are KING to finding content and reaching your audience.


Pinterest says we can use up to 20, but recently with spam prevention practices coming into play, I suggest only use 2-4. Make them relevant to what your blog post or product is about and make sure it is a niched down keyword so it is more likely to be shown to the best audience…your ideal clients.


NO MORE HASHTAGS as of 2021 on Pinterest

Where to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are to only be used in your Pin descriptions. They are a keyword tool that Pinterest uses to determine what your Pin is about, and can be disbursed to those searching those terms. Make sure your pin description is related to your image and your title. Make it a conversational 1- 2 sentence description with your best keywords at the beginning. Only the first 50 characters will be seen in the feed (and sometimes not, depending on if Pinterest is showing descriptions) but rest assured your description is in there and doing its job for SEO, search optimization.

After the description, use your branded hashtag. EX: #BloomVirtualSolutions. Then your best keywords for the post, EX: #pinteresthashtagtips #pinterestseo #pinteresttips

We use the branded tag first because if a pinner was to click, they are more likely to click the first one, and then that will lead them to all your other content…more views, saves and clicks are possible when your pins show up in the hashtag feed.

Another reason and I have had to use it recently, is to find your pins to check on them because they can be stolen and leading to a spam site that is not your own.

In this online world, it happens, and we could totally go down that rabbit hole, but Pinterest is aware and they do their best to take care of it. If you want some tips on how to report a Stolen Pin, check out this post HERE

Hashtags do not need to be in Titles, Board Titles, Board descriptions, or your Profile. These are not clickable and searchable and have no benefit to Pinterest SEO.

NO MORE HASHTAGS as of 2021 on Pinterest

When should you use Hashtags

Hashtags can be placed when creating a fresh pin, and new description. It really is not going to do you any good to go back and add hashtags to previous posts. Since Pinterest is prioritizing Fresh content, new images, new URLs, that is the time to place those hashtags in the description.

But, are they still considered best practice and align with Pinterest’s new changes. YES, I have seen where they may not be relevant anymore, but if you check out Pinterest best practices page. they still recommend adding in a couple of hashtags at the end of your descriptions. Their new Best Practices is page is beautiful, simple to understand, and pretty…check that one out.



NO MORE HASHTAGS as of 2021 on Pinterest



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