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Welcome, Pinterest friends! With Summer upon us and travel slowly starting to open. This June will look a little different than the typical seasonal pinning we have seen before. Let’s talk about what to Pin in June.

Well to say this year so far has been interesting is an understatement. We have all been staying at home since March. We have missed Spring breaks, Prom, Graduations, and Summer vacations. I applaud those that have made a swift shift in marketing to accommodate what people were searching for…virtual parties, mini weddings, zoom classrooms, and virtual travel.

June pinning usually consists of summer events, beach trips, and family travel. Due to travel coming to an almost complete stop we are seeing new summer search trends…Let’s check ’em out.

what to pin in june

Seasonal Pins

Father’s Day – yes we need to Pin if not Promote pins for Father’s day RIGHT NOW. It will be here before we know it. DIY gifts and ideas kids can do. Father’s Day gift boxes. The gift box trend is hot and heavy, with thoughtfully curated boxes for any occasion and you can find a few nice ideas on Pinterest. They can be local or shipped in.

4th of July – Seasonal pinning for any holiday starts about 45 days before the event. If you have any content related to 4th of July, Pin them now. This includes decor, party foods, backyard BBQs, kids crafts, and clothing. Here are some cute ideas for a 4th of July pregnancy announcement.

Canada Day – July 1st, for our friends in the north. Again with crafts, decor, clothing, and party ideas. Check out these ideas here.


We are seeing searches for planning for future travel. Airlines are starting to fly again, I even have seen articles from Delta in my feed. They are taking the precautions needed to keep us as safe as possible. Start planning now!

In other searches, many are looking at ways to stay closer to home. Staycations, road trips, RV travel, and weekend getaways are great ideas for those itching to get out there and still stay safe.


Summer BBQs and Popsicles here we come! Your typical summer food searches are going healthy. We are seeing trends in chicken recipes and healthier meal options. The quarantine 15 is all too real – ahem, same here! Things like healthy snacks and healthy breakfast are trending now. Why not add inon the go and make some of those recipes for your next road trip.

Baby Showers

Did you know that more babies are born in August and September than any other month? Heads up for my stationers, party planners, and gift curators. Now is the time to start pinning all things, baby!!

Virtual baby showers are still in search so get creative with your keywords.


Did you start a garden while staying at home? I know quite a few friends that have picked up the gardening bug. Heck, we even planted two apple trees in our backyard and have been learning how to take care of them…on Pinterest.

Summer vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, and trees. If you have content related to anything gardening, pin now.

Pinning Tips and Tricks

While planning out your content for June and the summer beyond, make sure to do your keyword research first. Keywords help tell Pinterest what your pins are about and can get found in search. You can use keywords in your images, boards, and descriptions. Make it easier for pinners to find your content!

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