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Trello Business Binder for Online Service Providers

Trello is a great tool for online service providers and I use it to manage my week with client work, admin, and personal tasks. My most popular blog post to date is How to Use Trello to Organize Your Week. I know most of my readers are online service providers, bloggers, and creative entrepreneurs, so  I wanted to expand on that blog post to go a bit deeper into how Trello is great for a service provider and offer a simple solution to keeping your week on task.

As a Pinterest Specialist, my team and I work with a few different services for multiple clients. We need a system in place to manage each project and client to each day of the week amongst our personal and admin tasks. Trello works for us. It is simple and visual (as a creative myself- that is important). Let’s dig into Trello!


I know here at Bloom we have processes in place from our Discovery Calls to Onboarding, One-off services, Monthly services, and Offboarding. I use Trello to keep me on task for each stage of the process and service.


We create Individual Client boards from the templates in our Power Binder.  Each step of the Client process has a card, each card can hold files, forms, and a checklist, and due dates can be used as well.

If the client and I decide we are a good fit, then we move to onboarding. We copy that card and then place it on our day lists and drop and drag as we go through the process.




Some clients are one-off projects, such as just a Pinterest account set up. Then we take the appropriate service card, copy and edit it, drop and drag, add a due date for completion and it goes through that workflow.

trello list

We use the client card for important links, notes, logins, it is copied and added to the Individual Client Board.

trello board for client management


We have color-coded labels we can add to a card that lets us know, it is an admin task, personal task, or the name of the service that the client card is for. Ex: Pinterest monthly management would be a light green and the blue is a personal task…yes, I need to make a hair appointment 🙂

trello lists for label colors


Trello is the first program I pull up every day as I start work. I have tried paper planners and as much as I love pretty notebooks, I just cannot get them to work for me. I use notebooks during the day to write out important stats and notes for client reporting, or if I am working on personal development for the business and my team. But, I need a visual to see my week at a glance and Trello is great for that…for me.

You can use due dates and can archive cards as you check off your tasks. Being online all day, I enjoy having a simple system right there in my tabs to click, drop, and drag my daily tasks until the day is clear.

I am not a big fan of having to use the scroll bar at the bottom, maybe it’s a bit of OCD that I like to have it all on one page. So, I have listed a few Chrome Extensions that can help with how Trello is viewed on screen.

A few Chrome Extensions for Trello  – to make it more visually appealing:  Slim Lists for Trello and Lists Layout for Trello. These extensions give you a view of all your Lists, so you don’t have to keep using the scroll bar at the bottom. You can change the label styles with Trelabels for Trello if you would like to see the label title inside the label color to know what that label is for right on the card.


Are you ready to give Trello a try for your service-based business?

Have you tried to create a system on Trello and just couldn’t figure it out?

Do you just want someone to show you how they easily use it for their business, so you can too?

Friend, I GOT YA!!

The Business Power Binder is what I use in my business and I am offering this quick and easy Trello board with video course, just for you. In less than 20 minutes I will have you set up and ready to take on your week. Walking you through how to set up the Trello Board to customize it to your business.

When you sign up below, you will be sent to the Course Page, for only $7, you will get:

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