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Welcome back, creative entrepreneur! This week I want to show you how easy it is to open a Pinterest business account. There are 3 ways you can do this, it just depends on whether or not you want to keep your personal account or just convert the whole thing over. Let’s chat about the best path for you and your business.


If you are a personal pinner and just want to start marketing on Pinterest for your business, you can simply add a business profile to your account while logged in to your personal account. This will let you keep your personal account but will link it to your business account and have the same login for both. They piggyback on each other and is great when you want to keep them separate for whatever reason. You can link up to 4 business profiles to your personal account. This is a great option if you run multiple businesses or side hustles.



If you are starting a new business and don’t have a personal account or want to separate them completely, this may work best for you. If you have a personal account you will want to log out first! Creating a separate business account, you will have separate logins for your personal and business.

Use this link to create a new business account.

It will run you through steps to add your business name, website, country, language. Then choose the main focus of your business and decide if you want to run ads or not (you can change this later). Then start creating pins!



This is the most popular option and what I recommend most to my clients. If you have been pinning any of your business content to your personal account, this is my recommendation. You already have your content on your boards, but you may need to clean up those boards to suite your ideal audiences needs.

When using Pinterest to market your business, you want to pin for your ideal client, customer and audience. You will want to make your home decor, DIY and recipe boards secret (unless that is your ideal audience). When you make a board secret, you can still save all those awesome pins you find on Pinterest so you can refer back to them for later, and your ideal audience will not see them. You can also archive a board, if you don’t want to see it in your public profile, but you won’t be able to save Pins to it. You can unarchive a board at any time.

**NOTE: DO NOT DELETE PINS – when converting to a business account, your first instinct may be to delete all the non-relevant content…STOP! Deleting pins can have a negative effect on your account, Pinterest may see it as suspicious activity and could get you blocked for a little while.


You can still create personal boards and keep them secret, such as planning a baby shower or a weekend getaway. Boards have the ability to add start and end dates. You can add collaborators to your secret board and share ideas and plan together. You can also add notes to the boards (not everyone has this, and it is only available on iOS and android mobile devices).

I also use secret boards in my business. When working with a new client, I use them with my clients to share ideas and inspiration for pin design, branding colors, and favorite pins. If you are a photographer, wedding planner, or designer, secret boards are a great way to collaborate with your design team and client, so there is a visual of how the client feels about their images and vision for their project.


Make sure to go here to set up your business account on Pinterest, then you can decide which path to take.

I am excited that you are ready to start your Pinterest Marketing journey. Make sure to choose the best option for you in setting up a business profile. Now you can begin creating your business account the right way. Remember to optimize your about section, board titles and descriptions with keywords so your audience can find your content. Keywords tell Pinterest who you are, who you serve, and what your content is about. If you want to learn more about keywords and really skyrocket your Pinterest marketing, check out my PIN PRO SEO Course and workbook just for creative entrepreneurs like you!.

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