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UPDATE: Pinterest is still a great way to boost SEO with Google and drive traffic. Even beyond 2020! Make sure you have your account set up the right way with keywords, board titles, and an optimized profile. Yes we will see ups and downs with Pinterest…ALWAYS. Follow the blog and sign up for my weekly newsletter to keep up with all the changes.


Hey friend! Are you struggling in your Pinterest Marketing lately? I see and hear you! Pinterest has really changed things up lately and if your analytics and traffic are dropping, you are not alone. So, what do you do to fix it? Today, I am going to talk about the three best ways to battle the Pinterest traffic drop 2020 and into the new year.

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So, many of you are seeing not only your monthly viewers (which is still a vanity number…remember that) but your traffic is decreasing. Your latest pins are only getting single or double digit views, which makes you think…is Pinterest even showing your pins to anyone? Pinterest has changed the game and you cannot do the same strategy you have been using for the last few years.

Back in early 2020, Pinterest changed their best practices about content. They wanted fresh pins to give the user a better experience instead of seeing the same content over and over again. A fresh pin is a new image or a new URL. So most of us took it as making more pin images per piece of content. You and I both know that creating multiple images can become a complete time suck!! If you are a one woman or one man show, you don’t have the time or even the budget to outsource all that image creation needed.

I believe the concept worked well at the beginning, but honestly just changing some fonts and moving a picture on a Pin is not a new and fresh experience for the user. I really feel that Pinterest wants you to think like the user and the user wants to be inspired by maybe the same content, but presented in a different way.


I have heard from some that they got stuck in a spam filter by mistake because of the sudden drop in numbers.  Yes it does happen, if you are being spammy by over pinning or pinning the same content over and over too close together. If you have experienced a sudden drop, reach out to Pinterest first, but be aware that Pinterest may come back and say (personal experience) that no you are not and give you the “fresh ideas” speech 🙂

The latest drop in numbers has a lot of you ready to jump ship, and I can relate. I have seen it in working with clients, but as you know, Pinterest has told us that if we are not offering up new content, we may see a decrease in our reach. Recently, Pinterest changed the algorithm again to keep the user on the platform longer which doesn’t do much to help you in the driving traffic department. They are a business and the longer a user stays on the platform, they can show more ads, right? Let’s be real.

I am not saying it is turning into a pay to play situation, not many of us, small creative businesses, have the means to really pay for traffic. Let’s look at how you can give your audience and Pinterest new and creative ways to show your content.

In my research and testing, these are my top three ways to battle the Pinterest traffic drop 2020.


CREATE VIDEO PINSimage of pin from Pinterest

Video is king everywhere online right now! Instagram released Reels to keep up with the latest TikTok trends and that is what IG is really pushing right now. Pinterest is no different, even though it is not a social platform. By creating video pins and pinning them manually to Pinterest to the most relevant board first is a great way to increase your numbers.

Video pins used to show a URL/Visit/ Read It button under the Pin like the organic static pins have. Pinterest has now moved the link to the URL in the ellipsis (the 3 dots on lower right corner). Click that to see options, Visit Site, and it will take you to the webpage. This has been a struggle for some to get clicks on video pins, again…Pinterest wants to keep the user on the platform as long as possible. Will someone click thru to learn more, if your content tells them to, yes! Or, maybe they will go to your profile page and see all your other content and want to follow you. Most of the time with video pins, I am seeing reactions, close ups, and saves.


**PRO TIP** I have a client account that got hit with the huge Pinterest traffic drop and they even lost Story Pin access (we did have it in the beginning). I created some simple Video pins in Canva, and also repurposed some IG story videos for them. I pinned one video to Pinterest every 2 days to the most relevant board. I pinned them only once to one board…within 1 week those video pins hit over 10,000 views. Needless to say Pinterest is happy with this account again and our engagement and followers are up**



Idea Pins are a new tool Pinterest has created, not all accounts have them. If you have a business account your can request access to them. 

Idea Pins, unlike other types of Pinterest content, do not have the option to link a URL. They are like IG stories and live at the top of your mobile Pinterest feed in bubbles, these are the story pins from those your follow. With the new algorithm, if you interact with a story pin in your smart feed, Pinterest will show you more and more of them. This type of Pin is high priority right now on Pinterest. So, how can you harness this new tool and adapt your strategy to use it to grow your business.

Think like your user. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention, so make it fun and valuable to get the user excited about your content. Since we cannot add a link, invite them to follow you on Pinterest. If you scroll through an Idea Pin, it will lead to your profile page.

Followers have never REALLY been a stat we cared about, but in 2020 followers now have their own feed and eventually will interact with your content if it is engaging, relevant, and VALUABLE to them.

**PRO TIP: You can re-purpose your IG story/reel content into Idea Pins, perfect specs for this type of pin**



Pinterest has told us, as creators, make pins that are unique, fresh, and something your followers or potential audience has not seen.

I know that we have all been taught to pin up to 20+ pins per day, long gone are the days of more pins the merrier. Pinning the same content over and over again, does not give the user a pleasant experience. Pinterest wants it to be a space of positivity, inspiration, and a place to discover new brands and creators. Knowing this, it is not recommended to create 10 pins for a blog post, or 10 images of your product, just so you can fill your queue and set it and forget it.

My suggestion? Create pins in these multiple types. If you write a new blog post, create your regular type of static pin once! Then create a video pin – It does not have to be a full on video, it can be a slide type that is created in Canva. If you have Story Pins, create slides to tell a story (like IG stories), and on the last slide, ask the pinner to follow you on Pinterest.

Then pin those 3 types to Pinterest. You can use the native scheduler, or Tailwind. Either way it does not affect your account one way or another. Remember, most relevant board first and maybe(just my opinion) another board or 2. Make sure to interval them far enough apart. I have noticed if I pin to one board, it may not get seen. Then the next board it may. Test, test, always be testing.

I know what you are thinking, do I need 5 pieces of content per day. Let’s not get stuck on the logistics of this. We have to move away from what we have been told to do. Change is hard. Test it out for yourself, see what works for you and your business. I honestly believe that the days of 20 pins per day are gone.

Use Tailwind tribes to add 1 or 2 relevant pins you think your audience would like to see from you. I have been looking for the new content, the ones with a small number in the blue flame. As always, double check the links on other’s pins. Click thorough to make sure it is not spam and legit content.


We have to pivot from our old way of doing things. Pinterest is changing…ALL THE TIME. We need to adapt to what they have told us to do. Not saying this will be the norm moving forward. Remember communities…yeah, that didn’t last long. Actually I am looking forward not having to create all these images and content just so I can beat the system and pin all the time.

Make is easy on yourself. 2020 has been a crap shoot, right. Get creative with your Pinterest marketing, your audience wants to see what you have to offer. Make is fun, bold, scroll stopping and urge the pinner to follow and engage with your content.

I wish you a happy Pinterest Marketing journey.  Please comment below with any questions, seriously! We have to do this together, change is hard, but let’s make the Pinterest Traffic Drop 2020 a time of learning and growth.


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