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Learn How to Use Pinterest for Your Creative Business Without the Overwhelm

Learning how to use Pinterest for your creative business can be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to be. If you have signed up for all the freebies (not just mine), or taken all the courses only to find them collecting dust in your inbox, it is time for an intervention with Pinterest coaching.

Over the last few years working with creatives and coaches, I have been drawn to a need that I wasn’t meeting. Leads would come in and we would meet on a discovery call and it all seemed like a perfect fit. But, I was finding that as a small business owner without a team, they just weren’t ready for monthly management. Whether it be budget or the pull to want to do it themselves, I didn’t have an option to give them. But, now I do!

After several potential clients asking me to teach them how to do it themselves, I am now offering 1:1 Pinterest Coaching. This program will get you off the freebie and course after coarse cycle and never getting anywhere. I am the first to admit, I buy all the courses with GREAT intention, but never sit down and follow through. I see this with many of my biz friends and solopreneurs. This is where the accountability of a personal Pinterest coach is going to make the difference for you.

I hear it all over my socials, “this is the year I start my business on Pinterest”, “I know my clients are on Pinterest, but it is all so overwhelming”, and “I don’t know where to start”. We have got your back on these excuses.

picture of amy sitting on the grass with a laptop and text learn pinterest without the overwhelm


I work with Creative Entrepreneurs and Coaches, because their clients are on Pinterest. They are the only one working in their business, or maybe they have a VA that handles their social media or admin tasks. Pinterest Marketing can be easily added to a marketing strategy and system. Just like any investment you make in your business, you have to implement the work. I will make you accountable. I can add the tasks to your calendar or project management system. If you are ready to commit to doing the work, I can show you how to use Pinterest correctly.

This program is for entrepreneurs who are creating consistent content. If you have a blog or a YouTube channel and create weekly, monthly or bi-monthly content Pinterest will work for you. If you are a product seller and have enough products and clear images per product, Pinterest will work for you.

If you are not able to create consistent content or have a library to pull from, this may not be the best time for coaching. We can discuss this on a simple Clarity call if you would like to pick my brain for 20 minutes on how to prepare to pin to Pinterest.


Can you learn how to use Pinterest for your business all on your own? Sure, but let’s talk reality.

You have the best intentions to do it yourself. You know…sign up for all the freebies, and buy online courses from your favorite business influencers. Then you are left with them sitting in your inbox collecting dust! Most of the time you end up more confused than when you started. When you work with me, I am going to walk you through step by step the processes we use here with our clients. We dive deep into the why and not just the how. Anyone can mark things off a checklist, but understanding why we do a certain task a certain way is how you grow to understand Pinterest and what it can do.

I offer the accountability you need to move forward. I will be lurking behind the scenes to see if you are making progress and will hop in your inbox, if you need a boost. If you need me to add things to your calendar or project management system, I am there to do that for you as well.


Depending on where we are starting, we will dive into some basics with Pinterest. I will teach you the standard foundations of Pinterest Marketing: Keywords, Images, Consistency, and Analytics.

Topics like:

  • Depending on how much knowledge you already have, we will start with the basics of Pinterest
  • How to optimize your Pinterest account with keywords
  • What type of images to share to Pinterest, how to create click-worthy pins
  • How to create a plan with your content to be consistent in pinning
  • Scheduling tools – how to set up your Tailwind account, find Communities, and utilize the features to benefit your business
  • Analytics deep dive into which numbers are important and how to read those numbers to grow your traffic
  • The customer journey, what to do when your pins are not converting
  • A strategy and plan to move forward for you or your assistant to continue on Pinterest

There are bonuses to help you as well.

After this training you will have the knowledge, the understanding, and the confidence to grow your business with Pinterest. You will be able to manage it yourself or hand it over to a VA to manage it for you.


Besides budget, it is your time. Now is the time to get serious about getting started with Pinterest. You have to commit to 2 coaching calls, tasks and homework, and a final follow up call. Without the commitment of doing the work, you are not spending your investment wisely.

As a solopreneur, I understand it is important to know if this right for you. If you know your client is on Pinterest, but can’t afford to outsource. This coaching program is less than one month of our most popular monthly management package with image creation.

Pinterest coaching is a one time investment. Learn from a Pinterest specialist that is going to guide you through everything you need to know to manage your Pinterest account yourself. We don’t believe in spammy practices to get clicks and fake followers. We believe in the foundations of true Pinterest Marketing. The ebbs and flows happen, but Pinterest is proven to be top traffic driver for our clients over any other social media.

**PRO TIP: Pinterest is not a social media, it is the 3rd top search engine behind Google and YouTube.



If you are ready to work with me and learn how to use Pinterest for your creative or coaching business, visit the 1:1 Pinterest Coaching page and apply.  You will recieve 2x coaching calls, 2 weeks apart, and a follow up a call 1 month later. You will have Voxer access to me between each call. We have bonus tools for you to manage and track your stats and custom Canva templates to create click-worthy pins.