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Best Ways to Grow Your Email List on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your online business. Using my 3 Pillars of Pinterest with my own business and our clients, it is the top traffic driver over any other social platform. The question arises on how to harness that traffic and use it as a benefit in your marketing plan. If you are ready to move past the “increase traffic” goal with Pinterest, and start growing your audience by increasing your email list, this post is for you. Email marketing is something that every online business should have in their marketing toolbox. Your list of raving fans is the only thing that you own. Social followers, blog followers, can be taken away at any moment. If that was to happen how would you connect with your people? Pinterest is so effective in growing your email list, let’s talk about a few tips and strategies to make it happen.

green image with email icon 3 ways to grow your email list with pinterest
My Top 3 Tips for Growing your Email List with Pinterest


You can’t sell to an audience if you don’t know who they are and what they need. This is the most important step in growing an email list of raving fans. Once you know what that persona is, make sure 3 things stand out when they click to read your post and visit your site:

  • What is your specialty, what do you do? – what service or product you can offer this visitor to make them want to learn from you or buy your product.
  • Who do you serve, who is your person? – Not just the demographics or gender or position, but really understand what a day in the life of your ideal person is really like and what they struggle with. Know how your product or service will meet their need.
  • Why you? – What makes you the expert? How do you stand out from the crowd of others that do what you do?

These types of things should be on your website. When someone comes to your blog from Pinterest, they may be hopping around to check out just exactly who you are. Make sure to answer those 3 questions simply and quickly.


Pinterest is a place where users go to find inspiration or a solution to a problem. Creating a lead magnet to solve their problem is the best way to get your ideal audience to click through to read your post, and get them to sign up for your list. If you are new to the online space, you may wonder what exactly is a “lead magnet”. It can be called an opt-in, a freebie, or a lead magnet. Basically it is a piece of content, like a checklist, a free template, a swipe file or calendar that you give in exchange for your audience’s email address. With overflowing inboxes and constant noise and sales pitches, most people are NOT going to hand over their email address without some value behind it. You want to make it easy to download and use. I create my lead magnets in Canva Pro, or you can even create a nice workbook in Google Docs. Give your subscribers one quick win. If they take anything away from your freebie, it should be a difference maker.



Now that you have a lead magnet how do you give it to your audience. There are a  couple ways to do this. The first is to create a landing page. A landing page can be also called a sales page or a funnel. Since Pinterest is focused on Fresh Content, which includes new URL’s, this is a great way to design a custom URL to send Pinterest users to. Again, this is where you want them to sign up/opt-in. Explain what the lead magnet is, how it will help them, and give them a visual. It can be a simple a paragraph with the opt-in form on the page. Or it can be longer sales type page that really draws them in to sell and create a customer funnel with up-sells and the like. **On a personal note, I am not a big fan of super long sales pages/landing pages…just give me the goods and then we can go from there. If you make it complicated, you are going to lose them. If you have more than one offer, freebie, sales page, create a separate landing page for each piece of content. These don’t need to be  pages that can be found in your menu on your site, but they should be a page not a (blog)post. This is also great for SEO, more ways to click to your site the better. Many email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Flodesk, Convertkit, give you the option to create a landing page with your branding and design. Since I use Flodesk, it is called a Full Page Form. They are still in beta so the design is super simple. It is just an image and some form fields(boxes). You can absolutely create a Pin just for this URL, but wouldn’t you rather have the traffic directly to your site.   **PRO TIP: Create a Landing page with Flodesk. Create an inline form with or without an image and embed it to a page created on your website. That way you can design it, add social proof, a video, or FAQ’s just like a high designed sales page would look. You can see an example on my Google Dashboard landing page. Add the code in html, just like you would a blog post, but remember, this is a page, not a post. It has its own link/URL.


Another way to offer a freebie is to add a content upgrade in a blog post. This is a great way to grow your list, because the pinner is already on your site ready your content. Offering them a freebie/lead magnet that is related to that blog post and gives them a bit more info than what you talked about. Maybe you are talking about the 3 best Air Fryer recipes, in your freebie, give them a PDF of 10 best Air Fryer recipes. If you offer Social Media Management and you are talking about why IG is better than FB, offer up a freebie for a list of hashtags, or the best times to post. **Disclosure, I am not a social expert, just a Pinterest one 🙂 Give them something that is going to take your content one step further. It needs to show value, give a quick win, and make them want to come back for more. Strive to give them an extra boost to make it worth handing over their email address. You will want to add that sign up form more than once in a post. The experts say 3 times. Once at the beginning, middle and make it your last call to action at the end of the post.


Are you ready to make new Pinterest goals for your business? If traffic has been your only goal, now is the time to branch out into Email Marketing. You own your list, because if all the socials went away you need a way to stay in touch with your audience. If you need help with setting up your email marketing platform, send us a message or comment below for any questions. Make sure to follow Bloom on Pinterest and Instagram for more Pinterest tips and tools. OH, and you are going to want to sign up to be on our VIP list!!