DIY Kitchen Island Makeover

  1. Ken J says:

    Hi great article and advice. I am getting ready to do this. Did you publish and pictures of the toe-kick side (drawer/door side). I wanted to get an idea of how that looks. Thanks Kj

    • afordbvs says:

      Hi Ken,
      I don’t have any front pics of the island. But it is just the cabinet they way it was before. We did replace the old quarter round on the toe kick. We did not add anything new as far as board and batten. Just the new paint as like the other cabinets. Thanks for reading!!

  2. Leslie says:

    I have the lip issue, as well, so I’d appreciate some clarification. You say that the island sides vertical boards butt up to the front vertical boards . Doesn’t this mean that the sides vertical board that butts up to the front vertical board is then 4” wide (3.5+.5 from the front vertical board). So when all finished, are the 2 vertical boards on the sides not the same width (1 would be 3.5 and the other 4 (3.5+.5)? Thank you! It looks great!

    • afordbvs says:

      I see what you mean. Ok, the thin vertical board that butts up against that lip (lip is .5″ + 3.5″ = 4″ approx.) the second vertical that is toward the back of the island where the other board and batten is, we attached it flush with the corner of the island. Then we placed the 1×4’s over it. So, looking at it from the side. The back would be 3.5″ + .75″ from the 1×4 = 4.25 approx. That lip might be a bit bigger than .5, but visually, once caulked it looks about the same width. I didn’t measure to really see if it is, but I hope that helps.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I see that you ran the battens down the sides right over the cut out for the toe-kick at the base. I’d love to see a picture of the front side (cabinet door side) to see how you handled that. We are in the middle of this exact project right now and I want to cover the toe kick cut-out on the side, but can’t figure out how the front will look.

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