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The One About Creative Marketing – Ep. 4 Our Creative Hustle Podcast

We are super excited about this episode. Kaycee and I are chatting about creative marketing tips for Etsy sellers and where we started our marketing journey as brand new entrepreneurs. This is such a fun episode, so get ready to chat it up with us!! Listen or download below, or you can stream Our Creative Hustle Podcast on Spotify as well!!

Episode Summary

In Episode 4, Amy from Bloom and Grow Media and Kaycee Lemongello of Kaycee Lemondrop look back at their business journeys and discuss what marketing platforms they started with and have used in building their businesses.

Both Amy and Kaycee started using Facebook and Instagram for their businesses before using Pinterest. While they loved and had personal Pinterest accounts, Facebook and Instagram were good starting points for their businesses because they were free and easy to use. They both incorporated Pinterest along their journey and have been all in ever since! 

Donna from Texas asked, “Where do I start marketing my Etsy shop?” Kaycee’s first response was asking, “Who is your demographic?” Once you know that, you are able to choose a marketing platform that fits your needs. She also points out that for sellers, your product is your content. Restructure your content so that it can be used across your marketing platforms, because people buy from people, not from logos. Amy has a purpose for each marketing platform she uses. She goes on to mention that you do not need to overwhelm yourself using every platform in the beginning. Both Amy and Kaycee discuss the courses that have guided them as they have built their businesses. They wrap up today’s podcast by giving advice on how to find the right course or coach for you.


  • Amy and Kaycee started with Facebook and Instagram before Pinterest
  • All three platforms are free and easy to use
  • Question from Donna: Where do I start marketing my Etsy?
  • Know your demographic
  • Different marketing strategies for different platforms
  • Your products are your content
  • Find your purpose for using a platform
  • Courses that have helped Amy and Kaycee with marketing
  • Follow and research the people you want to learn from
  • Find the right teacher for you
  • Keep it simple


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