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All About Instagram | The One with Sarah Jane Burt – Ep. 5, Our Creative Hustle Podcast

In this episode Amy and Kaycee are welcoming Sarah Jane Burt to the podcast. Sarah is a copywriter and content strategist that works with Creatives and Coaches. She helps her clients create a social media strategy on Instagram to convert followers into clients. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in…it’s gonna be a good one!! 

Episode Summary:

Episode Five welcomes guest Sarah Jane Burt, Copywriter and Content Strategist to help Kaycee and Amy learn more about using Instagram in their business. Sarah has ten years of experience turning fans into clients with companies as big as IBM and as small as your local chiropractor. However her heart lies with helping creatives and coaches develop a strategy to communicate their value.

Sarah finds that the most common pain point on Instagram for Creative service providers is that they are not making sales, but don’t want to sound salesy. For Product Sellers, they struggle with feeling like every post is selling a product. Her goal is to help both clients find the balance between adding value for their followers and selling, because both clients need relationship building content as well as something to sell. Building relationships with real authentic followers will create this balance, but it takes time.

Kaycee and Amy ask Sarah about posting frequency, hashtags, and writing a solid call to action. As with other social media platforms, the key with Instagram is being consistent. Post consistently whether that is two times a day or two times a week. Use all 30 hashtags because YOU choose what works for your post. Be specific with your CTA by doing the work for them. The more you post the more visible you are but being consistent in providing valuable content is the most important factor. Follow the people that you want to engage with and develop those relationships.

Sarah goes on to explain Reels and Stories. Reels are awesome for reaching new people. Stories are great for getting in front of people every day. So a balance of both is beneficial. You have to ask yourself what is your goal? Increasing visibility or engaging your community.

Sarah wraps up the session by talking about three Apps she loves and her workshops for April: “How to Write Social Captions that Don’t Suck” and another workshop on Hashtags.


  • Amy introduces Sarah Jane Burt and how they met
  • Sarah is a Copywriter and Content Strategist for Creatives and Coaches
  • She helps service providers and product sellers develop a strategy for their content
  • Sarah also writes Social Captions for people
  • Most common IG pain point
  • Find balance between asking for the sale and providing value
  • Consistency is key for posting to IG
  • Hashtags should you use all 30 or use less?
  • Be specific with your actions in your call to action (CTA)
  • The less work for your audience, the better
  • Follow the people that you want to follow you
  • Interacting with people to build a relationship takes time
  • Top 3 apps for IG
  • Workshops for April
  • Reels or Stories?


Mentioned Apps:

Later – https://later.com/

Planoly – https://www.planoly.com/

InShot – https://inshot.com/

Mentioned Links:

Sarah’s Workshop – http://bit.ly/captions-that-dont-suck

Sarah will have the link to the hashtags workshop during the captions workshop.

Follow Sarah on Instagram: @sarah.jane.burt

Need copy or content services, visit her online: https://sarahjaneburt.com/


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