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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE:  Week 1- Design Plan

I am so excited to be a guest blogger for the One Room Challenge with Better Homes and Gardens. The challenge is run twice a year with 20 Featured designers. This challenge also has a place for guest participants, where I fall in line, and other bloggers and DIY’ers. I will have 8 weeks to work on this project and the final reveal will be in the last post on week 8. This first week is the reveal of my design plan.

one room challenge guest participant

My husband and I have always painted rooms whenever we moved into a new home. About 7 years ago we bought a cute fixer upper and really caught the renovation bug. We have done everything from tile to wall treatments, painting furniture and have even tackled painting kitchen cabinets. I have had my share of DIY projects and really enjoy them as a creative escape.

During the day, I am a Pinterest Strategist and run a small marketing agency. I am also a mom of 3 and Mimi to one adorable granddaughter. As working in the Pinterest space, I stumbled along the One Room Challenge many times in my searches and planning for my own home projects. I knew one day I would take it on for our own space.

The room I have chosen to transform is our laundry room. We have been in our new home for 2 years now, and we have painted and upgraded so many rooms. The laundry and closets are the only spaces that still have that not so pretty yellow standard builder paint. The laundry room is a fairly good size, and it’s located upstairs near all the bedroom. This makes it super convenient for toting dirty clothes from room to room.

The challenges: It has a door that swings inward and you can’t open the washer door all the way; There is a linen closet inside the laundry room which we never use and also has a door that swings out and hits the dryer door if it is open; Then there is the attic access, this will limit where shelving can go, and any new lighting options. We have never tackled this size of a project before, but we will break it down into smaller steps to make our time more efficient.

The before of our laundry room:

listing photo for the laundry roon
Listing photo from the realtor. Yellow paint, doors and attic access.
empty landry room before the renovation
Current state of the laundry room. Basic and boring. Let’s get ready to fix that!


linen closet in laundry room before
Linen closet before.It’s a tight fit with that door open.


My Inspiration

When deciding which room to do, this or my office, which is still under renovation. I, of course, went to Pinterest and stumbled upon this beauty. That nook with the built ins was going to be exactly what I wanted to do with that linen closet…open it up.

laundry room inspiration blue and shiplap
Artisan Home Tour of 2017

I absolutely love the blue, and this home tour blog post is just stunning. Lots of shiplap and farmhouse feel with an elegant cottage design. I want my washer and dryer to have the cabinet housing. The storage built ins and hanger for clothes, and the wall cabinets for storage. We will be taking some of these design inspirations and incorporating it into our space.


My Design Plan – PIN IT!

Below is the visual for my design plan. We are going with the blue from the inspiration photo and keeping in line with my love of farmhouse style.

design plan for laundry room makeover
One Room Challenge: Design Plan

The Plan:

This is the plan we are going to take week by week. As with any project, things may change as we move along. There are always new challenges and new ideas that we may need to tweak to make it work.

1 – Paint walls and closet to get rid of the yellow. We will be using Behr in White. This paint actually has a slight grey tint to it as to match the tile we choose. Remove all wire shelving in the closet and main laundry room.

2. Remove both doors and replace main door with a sliding barn door. The linen closet will have the door removed, but not the frame. I really wanted to enlarge the opening, but when talking through it, we realized we would have to repair drywall, add to the existing tile on the floor, so we are just going door-less. A folding center countertop in the closet, with hanging rod and upper shelving for more storage. I would like 2 rolling laundry baskets for under the countertop in the closet. My hope is the kids will put their laundry there instead of all over the bathroom floor.

3. We will be placing a wall cabinet on the right side of the main laundry room, above the dryer. Painted in Midnight Blue by BEHR, Cabinet and Enamel Paint. Then attach some crown molding to the top of the cabinet as well.

4. Create a built in cabinet for the washer and dryer, with open shelving in the same Midnight Blue as the Cabinet. The built in shelving/cubbies, will be to the right of the dryer. I will explain why we placed it here in a future post. We will top it off with a Butcher block countertop that will go wall to wall.

5. Tile the back wall from countertop to ceiling. We have chosen, Moda Del Mar Calisto Matte Porcelain Tile from Floor & Decor, with a light gray grout (rain).

6. Floating shelves in a dark walnut stain to match the countertop and the folding center in the open closet. There will be 2 shelves, one to line up at the bottom of the wall cabinet and one above that. This will have to be measured, as far as depth, due to the fact that the attic stairs need to be able to have room and  not hit the shelf.

7. Farmhouse decor for the walls, laundry bottles for detergent, storage bins and baskets for open shelves, and a coat rack on wall as you enter the laundry room. The coat rack will be a repurpose of some rustic wood we used on our dining room ceiling, and adding in farmhouse hooks. Don’t forget the wool dryer balls in a dough bowl. These things are amazing and save drying time and any issues with fabric softener allergies.

8. I cannot wait for the final reveal on Week 8.


Make sure to check in next week with our progress. Please visit the One Room Challenge to see all the other transformations as well. I will also be posting on our Instagram and IG Stories as we journey over the next 8 weeks.

Thanks for following along!

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