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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE:  Week 2 – Demo, Paint, & Dryer Vents

Welcome back to week two of the One Room Challenge with Better Homes and Gardens. The challenge is run twice a year with 20 Featured designers. This challenge also has a place for guest participants, where I fall in line, and other bloggers and DIY’ers.We have 8 weeks to work on this project and the final reveal will be in the last post on week 8. If you are just joining us you can check out the design plan HERE.  Welcome to Demo day!

one room challenge guest participant

This week is demo week. We are disassembling the wire shelving, and painting all the walls in the laundry room and linen closet. The linen closet and the main door have been removed as well.

One of my main goals in this renovation was to get my dryer to sit closer to the wall. The washer can sit pretty close, but we have the vent pipe behind the dryer that really restricts the space. Why builders don’t think about us homemakers and put in a vent box in the wall is beyond me. It is the year 2021, that should be standard!

I had read up on the the best way to save space behind a dryer, and several options came up. One solution was to use a periscope vent. We measured to see if one would fit our dryer and found one we thought would work. They more we read reviews and watched YouTube videos, we realized to make it work, we would have to cut the vent and tape it. Hubs felt it was not going to work right and it was too much work just to make the thing fit correctly and would it even be safe at that point.

You can imagine my frustration, any project is always prone to changes and I just couldn’t have the dryer still stick out that far. If you want a challenge in your marriage…discuss dryer vents and space saving. This girl needs time to think, I will be compromising here, somehow.


Demo day

As I pondered what to do, we started with removing both the main door and linen closet door. We will replace the main door with a sliding barn door and leave the closet for open shelving. Those doors came off pretty easily, just tap out the pins in the hinges, and voila..no more doors!

In my inspiration image from Week 1, I would’ve loved to have been able to remove the whole casing around the linen closet. When we discussed this with our neighbor who is a tile contractor, he pointed out that it would involve a ton of drywall work and actually adding to the tile flooring. It was going to be more work and deconstruction we wanted to deal with on our first challenge. So, we will leave the casing, and repair the holes with wood putty and paint.

Next up was the wire shelf removal. Those anchors they use to put those suckers up…do not remove so easily, shew, what a workout! We had to make a few holes..haha, to get them all out. Considering the back wall in the main room was going to be tiled over, we knew we didn’t have to worry about sanding them smooth as much as the others on the closet and side walls.

image of laundry room reno

Once all shelves were gone, we patched and spackled the walls and in the closet. Once dry we, sanded, vacuumed and painted all walls with the BEHR White, Advance One Coat Paint.

We love working with BEHR paint, we will be using it also for the cabinets in their Enamel for Trim and Cabinets. We have tried to use other more popular “painting contractor” brands. But for the DIY’er, BEHR holds up to our rambunctious kids and covers really well with an easy clean up, usually in one coat.



Happy Accidents

As we finished painting, we had to move the dryer over to the left a bit so we could get to that wall. Still thinking about how the heck I can get Hubs to get on board with the skinny vent,..low and behold, I was able to scoot the dryer back 6 inches! By moving it left so the vent pipe wasn’t behind it and the flexible pipe could be moved out of the way to line it up with the washer. Don’t you just love happy accidents, and hubs was so glad we didn’t have to mess with that new vent! #marriagesaved

Again this proved to be another design change. In my original plan I wanted to place the cubby shelf in between the washer and dryer. Exactly why I needed it to move back to the wall. Hubs wanted to make sure I was going to be happy with the new design of the shelf off to the right hand side instead. He knows me well, and because the wall cabinet was going to be off to the right would I still like it. Here is an example of my original and the new mock up. mock up of laundry room

mock up of design twoI had to improvise a bit with a quick mock up, but I love it and we are going with layout plan two. The shelf will now be on the right side of the dryer.



In Progress

Here is a progress picture, I just love how the washer and dryer are setting evenly side by side. The new white walls have already brightened this room up so much. Bye Bye Yellow and the “your in my way” doors are gone!

That is about all for this week. Demo day was a success, we are feeling accomplished and can tell this will be a beautiful space once we are complete, marriage intact…LOL!

laundry room demo reno

Thanks for following along: WEEK 1

Make sure to check in next week with our progress again, we plan on adding the supports for the countertop and the wall cabinet is going up!.

Please visit the One Room Challenge to see all the other transformations as well. I will also be posting on our Instagram and IG Stories as we journey over the next few weeks.

Thanks for following along!

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