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One Room Challenge Spring 2021 | Week 6: DIY Design and Decor Hacks

This week in the Spring 2021 ORC is week 6! We are rounding the home stretch and this week I want to share a few DIY decor hacks we did. You can catch up on the progress in my previous posts below.

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one room challenge guest participant

The One Room Challenge is a design challenge to makeover one room in your home, with media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens. There are 20 Featured designers and many guest participants. I encourage you to visit the blog and check out all the amazing transformations!

DIY Rolling Laundry Hamper Hack

As part of my original design plan. I wanted to have 2 rolling laundry hampers under the folding shelf in the closet conversion. I had my eye on a Rae Dunn basket off Amazon.

laundry hamper image

Budget was a little tight to make those work, so I headed to Pinterest, of course, to find a DIY hack to make a budget friendly basket into a rolling basket.

Easy peasy, add some castors to the bottom of the baskets. We found these lined farmhouse style hampers at our local AtHome store. $29.99, for the price of one Amazon basket, I could get 2 of these!

wire laundry basket

We added a piece of plywood to the bottom of the wire basket under the liner, measured and cut to fit. Then secured 4, 1 and 1/2 inch rolling castors to each corner.

I needed to label them for dri-fit clothes and darks/colors. 90% of our laundry is dri-fit due to the soccer kid and leggings…the work from home wardrobe of mine!  I found some cute chalkboard tags from Hobby Lobby, and a chalk pen, added a design and text. Then attached those with some twine.


image of 2 laundry hampers after DIY

They roll beautifully, and they really do hold a TON of laundry. I also like the fact that I can’t see the clothes and the liner is washable! The kids now have a new chore to sort their clothes here instead of all over their rooms and bathroom floor. #icanonlydreamthiswilllast

Vintage Washboard

This washboard was an heirloom from my Great Aunt Phyllis. It has made it through 4 house moves with us over the last 9 years and I have never had a place to put it in the decor. My love for farmhouse and all things rustic was calling this lady’s name for a makeover.

image of vintage washboard

I wasn’t in love with the design on it. It was not original, I do believe my aunt painted it at some point. So, with a little sanding, some weathered gray stain, Behr White, and a Sharpie stencil…this is what she transformed into…

image of vintage washboard with a fresh new look

I am in love with this stain, and may just need to use it in another home project down the road!

DIY Farmhouse Coat Rack Hack

In my original design plan, I had this shelf in mind for the back wall of the laundry room. Looking online at several options, I knew I could repurpose some of the leftover wood we used on our rustic dining room ceiling last year and just buy a pack of hooks. I found a 5 pack off Amazon for about $10.

Measured the wall and cut a piece of wood to fit, the board was pre-stained. I marked 2 inches in from the edge and marked center of the board (2 inches, the board is 4 inch high). Placing the first hook on that mark. Then with a chalk line I marked the top of the hook’s plate so all the others would be level with it.

Placed the outer hooks first, then measured the distance from center of each of those hooks to find the middle distance for the 3rd hook. Then repeated again for hooks 4 and 5.

image of farmhouse coat rack

**Quick tip: Hanging a piece of wall decor when there are not studs available: Mark the height and center of where it is going to be placed. Make a level line. I pre-drilled  the wood screws into the board first so they were sticking out a bit on the backside, lined it up to the level line on the wall, and gently pushed it into the drywall just enough to make a small hole. Then we used drywall anchors, the good ones (metal and that screw into the wall), lined the screws up into the anchors and finished drilling them into place! Very sturdy!

Keep Following Along!

These DIY Hacks were so fun for me and gave me a creative outlet from all the construction going on. Be sure to come back next week to see the countertop going in, and the base cabinet for the built ins for the washer and dryer…it’s not what you think! Make sure to hop over to the One Room Challenge Blog to check out all the amazing spaces!