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5 Things to Look for when Hiring a Pinterest Manager

Congrats! You’ve decided on hiring a Pinterest manager! You are making a wise investment in the growth of your online business. But how do you know what qualities and skills they should have? Here are some factors that may help influence your decision: Read more here to learn more about what a Pinterest Manager is?

hire a pinterest manager

Is the Pinterest manager you are hiring an expert?

When you outsource your Pinterest management, most entrepreneurs think they need to hire a social media manager. Yes, some social media managers do handle Pinterest accounts. Heck, even a virtual assistant can probably manage it for you.
The problem lies in knowing the in’s and out’s of the day to day changes on Pinterest. As a Pinterest Manager we are considered the experts, we are on the platform, in the communities, and doing daily tasks to help our clients stay consistent in the traffic to their websites. Learning how to keep up with seasonal trends and best practices takes time to learn and create a strategy for a client.
So, you will want to look for a Pinterest Manager with the expertise of working on Pinterest

Are they in your niche?

There are so many types of businesses and you and your business will benefit from hiring a Pinterest manager that works specifically in your niche. Each manager is different according to the niche that they serve,and each business is different when it comes to strategy and success on Pinterest. You’ve heard the phrase, “You can’t be all the things to all the people”. True for Pinterest management as well. A Pinterest manager that works solely with those in the Wedding Industry know that niche better than a manager in the food blogging space!
They have seen what works in that particular niche and can adjust strategy as needed and get you the best results for your business.

Do they follow Pinterest best practices?

Pinterest has changed so much over the last couple years, that strategies and tactics we used even just 6 months to a year ago are no longer considered best practice. Gone are the days of pinning other peoples pins, or even pinning 30-50 pins a day just to fill up a queue.

Are they using the new tools Pinterest has to offer. Pinterest has literally come out and said…we want Fresh Pins, new ideas to keep your audience engaged.  It makes sense, no one wants to search for something on Pinterest and have the same pins pop up over and over again! Ask them what their strategy ideas are for your account.
This includes fresh images, and not just any old image, one that is scroll stopping, clear, and click worthy. Do they use templates? Or if they have a knowledge of Canva to create images? Are fresh images included in the packages they offer, be sure to ask because you do not want to assume they are included.

Do they understand SEO and stats?

This may seem like something you don’t want to even think about, hence why you want to hire a Pinterest manager. But, understanding things, like keywords, trends, image alt text, and what numbers are important to look all play into success on Pinterest.

Ask them if they feel your account may need an SEO refresh, sometimes your Pinterest gets bombarded with older boards, off topic boards, and an outdated profile. By updating these things it will give Pinterest knowledge of your content and get it to the right people. If they do not have knowledge in how Pinterest and SEO and keywords work on Pinterest, you may want to pass them by. Your Pinterest manager needs to know how to do these things so you don’t have to.

Are they in alignment with your budget and values?

The million dollar question, when it comes to hiring a Pinterest manager, can you afford their services. Service prices vary compared to all these factors, and when I started my business, I went above and beyond working with clients so I could gain experience and my rates have increased accordingly. If your budget is lower, starting with someone new may be your best option. Give a new gal a chance!
But if you have the budget to hire a manager with all these qualities, you are making a wise investment.
You also want to make sure you and your Pinterest manager value the same things in business and in life. Personalities need to mesh well together, not every one is a great fit for your business. As such, not every business is the perfect fit for the Pinterest manager.
Make sure you do some research about the Pinterest manger online, look at their website, read their blogs, follow them on Instagram. If you are vibe-ing with them, reach out and schedule a call. Meeting face to face is so important to see if you are a compatible pair!

If you are a Creative Entrepreneur in the Wedding or Photography niche, and these things have resonated with you and your are ready to hire a Pinterest manager, Inquire HERE for a FREE discovery call with Bloom. We want to learn about you, your brand, and what your goals are for Pinterest. 

Bloom and Grow Media specializes in Pinterest marketing, and we are a high-touch, heart centered agency ready to work with you!