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You might be wondering how Pinterest could possibly benefit your photography business. The truth is that it has a lot of benefits for any small business, and photographers are no different. In this blog post, I will discuss 5 proven benefits that come from using Pinterest to grow your photography business!

pinterest for your photography business

It’s a Visual Search Engine

Photography and Pinterest go hand in hand. Pinterest is the 3rd top search engine in the world, and it is where users go to plan their next event, and using Pinterest as a photographer is an effective marketing strategy. You already have beautiful, clear, and click-worthy images, and pinning them to Pinterest strategically can help increase your visibility. When pinners find your pins on Pinterest, they save them to the boards they are using to plan their next photo session. Whether it be for an engagement, wedding, family photos, maternity, newborn, or even business brand photos, when a user saves your pin it increases your brand awareness. And Pinterest users have said they have discovered new brands just by searching on Pinterest.

*97% of searches on Pinterest aren’t brand related


Create Pinterest Boards to attract your ideal clients

You can strategically create Pinterest boards that would appeal to your ideal client. If you are a wedding photographer, you will want to have boards for bridal party photos, venues, latest wedding trends (boho weddings are mega trending right now). If you are a branding photographer, create boards about brand photos, personal brand, marketing, what to wear, headshots, etc. Make sure to use board titles that are actually keywords (terms pinners use to search) and have a 2-3 sentence description of what the board is about.

You can curate Pinterest Boards with your photography clients

Pinterest can be a great idea inspiration collaboration with your clients. Creating a secret board only you and your client can use together, helps them share ideas with you as you plan their session. You can pin secretly to this board with images of poses, wardrobe ideas, props, and locations you have photographed in the past. In turn they can save ideas they find on Pinterest to see if is an option for their session. Then after the session is complete, you can change the title of the board(removing the client name) to a key-worded title. Be sure to make it a public board, and then those Pins will be able to be found in search long term.

Google loves a boost from Pinterestpinterest for photography business

When you start to use Pinterest you will see an increase in traffic to your site. Because of the ability to add a link to each pin. When a user clicks through to learn more about what is on that pin…boom, traffic! More traffic makes your reputation in Google increase as well. It’s like a short cut to Google happy land. How many times have you searched something on Google and a link to a Pinterest pin is on the first page! This is exactly what I am talking about.

Since Pinterest pins have a link, that link/URL should be to a post on your site, or a service page. Do not make them link all to your home page…it’s not great for SEO. As a photographer you know SEO is so important, and if Pinterest can start getting you more traffic in less time, this gives Google a tip off that your content is valuable.


Last, yet the most important!

Pinterest Pins can live FOREVER

Unlike other social media platforms (even thought I don’t like to loop Pinterest in as a social network), the goal of Pinterest marketing is to have your pins live forever and continue to be found in search for months and even years down the road. If you are going to put all that effort into creating the content, wouldn’t you like to have it give you a return on investment! Abso-positive-ly!!

Will you get a viral pin from Pinterest? Not right away…maybe…sometimes. Honestly, we just never know. I have had clients have a brand new pin take off like wildfire, but most of the time a pin can take 6 months or more to start seeing the traffic benefit.


Client Example: This pin was pinned over three years ago, these stats are just in the last 6 months from this old pin.

stats on a pinterest pin


This is actually from someone saving this to their board, then their followers saw it and saved it, and so on. There are several repins of this original and that is a major benefit of Pinterest, a pins reach is like a domino effect it just keeps going!

It is only showing the last 6 months, but this client has been getting traffic from this pin consistently for the last 18 months. It is always her top pin. It is just the perfect example of living forever on Pinterest. Pin it once or twice, maybe three times and if it is optimized with keywords it can be found in a search year over year. Plus, it also tell us that pinners are planning year round for weddings not just right before the event.

Pinners are Planners. Period!


There many benefits to using Pinterest for your photography business. These are just a few of the top reasons to begin. Investing in Pinterest marketing now will continue to raise your brand awareness, increase your website traffic, give Google a boost, and continue to bring new leads to your business for years to come!

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