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The One About the Pinterest Glitch of 2021 | Episode 16 – Our Creative Hustle Podcast

This week Kaycee and I are chatting about the great Pinterest crash of 2021. On July 1st, Pinterest went down for many, many users. Amy first heard about it in our Pinterest Masters group. Emails were being sent that account were being deactivated. This was a total tech glitch and considering the widespread issue, Pinterest did fix it pretty quickly. Have a listen or read the show notes below.

We both had clients reaching out for help. I hopped on an IG Live/Story to calm some nerves and that we were on top of the situation and would keep all of our clients informed. Kaycee reached out to me immediately to see if I was having the same issues.

Withing a few hours, accounts were coming back up and we both went in to recovery mode to reconnect Tailwind and any apps or ads that were running. So, what have we seen with the aftermath of the glitch….at first it was a loss of followers. Kaycee has been seeing a frequent disconnect with Tailwind. I actually am experiencing this as well.

Anytime there is a technical issue on any platform, it may take time for things to come back…followers, stats, etc. If you are still having issues, please reach out to Pinterest with a help ticket. They need to know of issues still occurring.

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Since the glitch, there are so many myths running around in Pinterest and social media circles and we want to bust those here!

  1. Pinterest is not dead! – It’s a search engine and not a social media platform
  2. Pinterest takes time, a virility will not happen on Pinterest like an IG/FB post. It can take 4-6 months to get traction on Pinterest.
  3. Pinterest is a positive place and are really cracking down on the spammers. When they do this it tends to create issues in the feed and stats.
  4. Do not keep repinning the same content over and over again. Pinterest wants new content/URL’s/products/blog posts.
  5. Be careful the influencers you follow, consider the source, are they actually an expert. Consider your own strategy and do not follow what others are doing.
  6. You don’t need to pin other people’s pin, if you want to, great, but not necessary.

How do you, as a Pinterest business user, move forward from this Pinterest glitch. I talk about why you need to create Pins for the search feed. This means optimizing your keywords on your Board Titles, Board descriptions, Pin Titles, Pin Descriptions, and the text on the image. Over the last year, Pinterest has let us know that they use all this data(keywords) to learn what your pin is about and who to show it too when they type in the words or phrases in the search bar. This strategy takes time, and it all works together to create success on Pinterest.

The summer slump is normal for stats on Pinterest. Holidays are coming and you need to be ready with your content!

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