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Idea Pins and How to Use Them | Episode 17 – Our Creative Hustle Podcast

Today’s episode Amy and Kaycee chat about some updates to Idea Pins on Pinterest.

Last season we did a mini series on Story Pins. Right after those episodes published…Pinterest changed the name. So we wanted to do an update about Story Pins with the new title 🙂

If you want to listen to our mini-series about Story Pins – Podcast Episodes 7- 9 of Season 1

Considering the name change, it makes sense to call them Idea Pins, because this type of pin is for sharing your ideas to your audience. Whether you sell products or services there is a space to use them in your Pinterest Marketing.

Canva has a new template size for Idea Pins on Pinterest.

graphic about idea pins on pinterest

Listen in for all our tips on creating them in Canva, How to Pin them, and tips on which type of content to create.

Make sure to use best practices. You can now add tags to these Pins, but you will probably have to think outside the box on these. Think more of a broader topic. You get up to 10 tags, make sure you use at least 8. Suggestions do auto populate and you can choose the most relevant tag Pinterest offers.

Again we stress that this is the best way to grow a new account on Pinterest. It will increase engagement and direct website traffic, since they cannot be linked. But each pin takes you to the profile of the creator.

So, grab a cup or your earbuds and join us in today’s episode!

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