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Our Creative Hustle Podcast | The One with Ashlee Sang

our creative huslte podcast guest ashlee to talk about ideal client personas

Special Guest, Ashlee Sang – All about audience personas/ideal clients and why they are important in your business.

This week we are honored to have Ashlee from Ashlee Sang Consulting to chat with us today about learning who your ideal client is.

Ashlee is a brand messaging strategist and copywriter that works with purpose driven founders and small businesses to make a bigger impact.

She is going to talk to us today about audience personas and why they play such and important role in your messaging and marketing. Plus she has some great resources and downloads for our listeners!

Welcome Ashlee!

Ashlee works with purpose driven entrepreneurs in brand messaging.

We chat about charities and what programs we like to support.

Ashlee explains what audience personas are and why they are important in your business. They are called audience personas, ideal clients, avatars, etc. it is basically the niche person you can best serve and aim for that one person in your messaging.

She helps us understand how to niche down and get super specific with your audience, and platforms work best for your business.

When you niche down it makes you think realistically how many clients you need!

How to Create an Audience Persona/Ideal Client

What are some of the basics of finding this ideal client when just starting out in your business? Ashlee explains that audience personas are constantly evolving and speaks on that.

What are some of the problems that you are solving for your audience?

Where do you lose people in the conversation about what you do?

Personas can be broken down into 2 categories: Demographics like age, location, etc.

and Psychographics, which Ashlee goes into why she feels the Psychographics are the most important. It is what makes people buy, that’s what makes people tick.

What Inspires You in Your Business

Some of Ashlee’s inspired businesses:

Sela Designs: https://www.seladesigns.com/

Klean Kanteen: https://www.kleankanteen.com/

Listen in for all of Ashlee’s great tips and make sure to follow on Instagram: @ashleesangconsulting

Grab her free download below!!

How to get in touch with Ashlee:

Newsletter (best way): https://bit.ly/AshleeSangNewsletter

Grab her Conscious Marketing Worksheets: https://ashleesang.com/resources/conscious-marketing-worksheets

The Customer Persona Download: https://bit.ly/CustomerPersona-OurCreativeHustle

The Brand Messaging Template: https://bit.ly/BrandMessaging-OurCreativeHustle


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