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Top Keywords on Pinterest for Photographers

Pinterest is a huge asset to photography businesses, but the problem is they are doing it wrong.  I have worked with several photographers in different niches, so I’ve seen the benefit of using Pinterest as a long term marketing strategy. Not only does it bring in more traffic, but it brings you more qualified leads.The first step to understanding Pinterest, is by using keywords, kind of like Google SEO. With Pinterest, it is the alignment of using keywords and scroll-stopping images together.

bride and photographer the best keywords to use on pinterest

By researching what keywords to use on Pinterest, this also gives you what content you can create. Because you already know what people are searching for. Hence, those keywords you find on Pinterest.

Pinterest has their own built in search tools and it is important to use the words and phrases Pinterest is telling us are the most popular in search, in order to title and describe your content BEFORE you pin it to Pinterest.

Using this strategy as a photography business, you will instantly get better results than your competitors. Most photography businesses avoid Pinterest altogether, because they think it is just another social media app. Or they are stuck in 2010 strategies of blogging only past sessions as a portfolio.

When you use Pinterest keywords in your content, you are already answering the questions your potential clients have.


Keywords are just words and phrases users type into Pinterest to look for their next inspiration, product, or idea. When we place these keywords strategically in our Pinterest profile, Board Names, Board Descriptions, Pin Titles, Pin Descriptions, in the “IMAGE FILE NAME”** this one is important***, and on the Pin Images/Graphics themselves. There is a lot more code and tech involved in how they read those titles and descriptions, but Pinterest can read all these things and connects them in a way to get your content in front of the right eyeballs.

Keywords are the lifeblood of your blog, website or social media profile. It’s how your photography business gets found on Google. Pinterest is no different!

For SEO and Google, it is important that you use keywords in your title tags and alt text descriptions so people looking for these terms can find them more easily. Your titles will show up when users type them into a search engine, like Google. In order for your content to be found, it needs to contain specific words and phrases that are the most popular with what users are searching. These searches happen at all times throughout every day!


So, what keywords should you use in these strategic places. First we look at the Pinterest search bar, type in a keyword or topic your blog post or idea is about. EX: fall wedding themes.

top keywords on pinterest find them in the search bar

You can also look in the Trends tab for your topic. The Trends tool can help you plan your content in advance, because it gives the search volume of a particular keyword over the last 12 months on Pinterest. You can see how fall wedding is on the uptick and when it starts to decline. Trends happen about 2-3 months before a season or event. This tool is amazing for planning content in advance!

pinterest trends tool to find the top keywords


Do you have to do keyword research every single time?

The broad answer is no. Because if you dig into finding keywords and keep them in a tracker or spreadsheet than you can always go back to that list before you create your next pin to pull those keywords from.

Keyword searches do change over time, because more and more users are on the platform. So it is a good idea to do an update every few months.

Looking for the top keywords on Pinterest? I have them rounded up in an easy to use Keyword and Content Planner just for wedding photographers!

Download the guide:

I have rounded up 75 of the top Pinterest keywords for wedding photographers in my free downloadable planner. What is so great about this planner, is that you will have blog content ideas for the next year and beyond! (if you use each keyword as a blog post prompt)


When you have the right keywords for your content you are teaching Pinterest what your pin, your account, and the board it is going to, is all about.

But, teaching Pinterest takes time so doing this keyword strategy every week, Pinterest will learn who to show your pins to at the right time. This then puts you ahead of your competition and start to bring in more traffic, leads, clients, and revenue! And that’s the whole purpose of blogging, right?!


If your thinking that’s a ton of content to create. Yes, I totally get it, but best way to be successful on Pinterest is weekly blogging and friend, you already have the content in your camera and probably in your drafts 🙂 Better yet, let Bloom take that off your plate. We offer a blog management services, by taking those blog drafts and releasing them to the world.  Click the link to learn more.