Understand Where Your Traffic is Coming From!

If Google Analytics makes your eyes gloss over, this simple to use dashboard is for you!


Get your true numbers from Pinterest with Google Analytics. This easy to understand dashboard will show you your overall traffic, how many of those visitors came from Pinterest and Tailwind. Plus, it breaks down your top 10 posts and the exact pin the traffic came from.

This free dashboard comes with PDF instructions on how to instal and what each graph, chart, or widget means.

NOW is the time to REALLY get to know your numbers instead of trying to figure them all out on Pinterest.


**Pinterest has it’s own tracking system on the platform, this will not track followers, views, or saves. Outbound clicks are the #1 most important metric to monitor and  this dashboard helps you understand those clicks.


This is an Analytics Dashboard to add to your current Google Analytics. You must have the Universal Analytics (UA under properties) still on your GA account. THIS WILL NOT WORK with Google4 (the new GA) if you removed the UA property.

flat lay image of desktop with ipad showing bloom pinterest analytics dashboard


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Enter Your Email

This is a free dashboard in exchange for your email address. We hate crowded inboxes too – Spam Free – HONEST!

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Check Your Inbox

Check your inbox for the PDF instructions and link to the dashboard. Don’t see it? Check Promotions and Junk Folders.

flat lay image of desktop with ipad showing bloom pinterest analytics dashboard

Download & Install

Make sure you are logged into your Google Analytics account to add the dashboard to the correct view…and you are ready!