Are you sure your photography blog is living up to its potential for bringing in more clients? It may be time for a blog audit!

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Blogging is Not Dead!

2021 is all about creating a relationship with your potential clients and stirring emotion with your blog.

Your blog is not for dropping gallery images and talking about a session, save those for your portfolio. That may have worked in 2010, but not in 2021.

You want your blog to be a place that answers the questions your future clients may have when it comes to planning their event. Ideas for themes, colors, how you work with them, where to find the best outfits for a session, creating this type of content will place you far above your competition. 

Why Should You Blog in 2021?


SEO Growth

Blogging frequently will increase your online reputation with search engines. Google and Pinterest work together to get more eyes on your content and bring more visitors to your website.But you can’t drop images and go. You need to have text and answer questions.

This is why using keywords as a content creation strategy is so powerful as you build your content calendar.

Share Your Knowledge

Blogging is not just dropping a gallery and tagging some vendors. You also need to show your knowledge in those posts. Share the latest trends and locations, this will show your knowledge and value to your potential clients.

The more value and knowledge you share, the more trust you build. And once someone has decided that they trust you, the competition melts away.

Pin It to Win It

Once you’ve created your content, you can wait the 4-6 months for Google to pick it up, or you can instantly get traffic by utilizing Pinterest. It gives Google a boost and can cut that time in half.

Pinterest is a gold mine for photographers because it’s a visual search engine. And we all know photographers are not lacking in visuals!

How to tell if your blog content is attracting clients?

Not seeing results from all your efforts in blogging, it may be because you are using strategies from 2010. Luckily there are some small tweaks that can be made to help your blog work FOR you!

This is why we created our Blog Audit service just for photographers.

In the audit we will review your blog, and show you:

  • things that are working
  • provide tips ways to make your blog more effective in reaching clients, SEO , and Pinterest marketing
  • PLUS, tips for alt text, tags, and keywords!

Normally $197, but now just $47 for a limited time!

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Let’s get your blog tuned up and primed to bring you clients!



Click the Buy Now button or choose Paypal to purchase your audit. Then we will send you a brief questionnaire and our next steps email.


We start the audit! – a breakdown of what is working, what is hurting your ranking, what you need to do more of, and what to start doing. We then provide a report, plus a 1:1 call to go over our findings.


After our call, you make the suggested edits and tweaks to what you currently have on your blog, and build a strategy for creating content as you move forward.


Enjoy the elevated search rankings in Pinterest and Google. Watch as your traffic and pageviews increase, resulting in more bookings!

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